Contrado: Print on Demand

Contrado: Print on Demand

door Contrado

Dropshipping van 450+ Gepersonaliseerde Kwaliteitsproducten

4.5 van 5 sterren(31 recensie)

Personaliseer 450+ Producten

Ontwerp & verkoop kleding, accessoires, woonartikelen, keukengerei, wanddecoratie & meer

Premium Kwaliteit

De mooiste prints en beste productiemethoden voor producten van topkwaliteit

Snelle Orderverwerking

Geproduceerd binnen 1-3 dagen, met wereldwijde levering binnen 2-4 dagen

Over Contrado: Print on Demand

Laat je bedrijf groeien met Contrado, specialist in printing on demand

Kies uit een breed assortiment hoogwaardige producten, laat ze bedrukken met jouw ontwerpen en verkoop jouw eigen creaties in je Shopify-webshop. Omdat Contrado al sinds 2002 bestaat, hebben we bijna 20 jaar ervaring in het creëren van gepersonaliseerde, handgemaakte kwaliteitsproducten, waaronder kledingstukken, accessoires, woonartikelen en nog veel meer. Contrado combineert de nieuwste printtechnologieën, vakmanschap en lokale productie, zodat jij klanten zowel premium producten met jouw ontwerp als de beste service kunt bieden. Dit alles is volledig gratis: je betaalt alleen wanneer een klant een van jouw producten koopt!

Bij Contrado profiteer je van

  • Gratis dropshipping-service
  • Geen abonnementen of verborgen kosten
  • 450+ producten om te ontwerpen & verkopen
  • Opgericht in 2002: bijna 2 decennia aan ervaring
  • Producten van hoge kwaliteit, handgemaakt op bestelling
  • Lage koolstofvoetafdruk: lokaal gewonnen materialen
  • Duurzame en ethisch verantwoorde productie
  • White & private labels: gebruik jouw eigen merk
  • Veel ontwerpvrijheid en gebruiksvriendelijke designinterface
  • Volledig bedrukt met milieuvriendelijke printtechnologie
  • Snelle orderverwerking: volledige productie in eigen huis
  • Wereldwijde levering met track & trace: wij betalen de douanerechten
  • Volledige service: 24/7 internationale klantenservice, voorraadbeheer, kwaliteitscontrole, orderverwerking en retourafhandeling
  • Actieve feedbackverwerking en altijd open voor nieuwe suggesties
  • Eenvoudige aanmeldprocedure & installatie incl. automatische betalingen voor bestellingen
  • Automatische synchronisatie met jouw Shopify-webshop
  • Bepaal zelf de productprijzen
  • Stel lokale valuta in; transacties in alle buitenlandse valuta mogelijk
  • Geen minimum bestelbedrag of -hoeveelheid


Verkoop jouw ontwerpen op:

  • Kleding voor hem & haar, incl. plussize maten: T-shirts, tops, jurken, rokken, leggings & broeken, jassen, nachtkleding, sportkleding, vrijetijdskleding
  • Modeaccessoires: sjaals, sokken, hoeden & petten, stropdassen, riemen, zonnebrillen
  • Schoenen
  • Echt leren tassen & portemonnees
  • Beddengoed, dekens & kussens
  • Woonartikelen: vloerkleden, klokken, lampen, gordijnen, handdoeken
  • Wanddecoratie: behang, canvas, metalen & houten prints, posters
  • Keuken- & eetgerei: mokken, borden, placemats, onderzetters, schorten, blikken & dozen
  • Bureauaccessoires: boeken, agenda's, stickers
  • en nog veel meer

Hoe werkt het?

  1. Maak accounts aan op Contrado & Shopify
  2. Klik op “App toevoegen” aan de bovenkant van deze pagina en volg de stappen
  3. Ontwerp een keuze uit meer dan 450 producten, voeg ze toe aan jouw shop & synchroniseer
  4. Verkoop je producten en laat je bedrijf groeien

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4.5 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

OM Planet

Terrible product quality, awful Shopify integration, despicable customer services... these guys cost us thousands of dollars, lost customers and weeks of wasted time- save yourself and run!!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

30 november 2021

Thank you for your feedback. I feel about your experience: this is the opposite of both the products and the services we aim to offer - and not the actual experience received by our customers.

Looking back at your time with us over a year and a half ago, I really wish things ran smoother on all sides. The sizing issue you originally raised for some face masks was fixed and we offered full compensation after some initial back and forth though at that point you went another way which concluded in our favour. With this hopefully clarified, we didn’t stay idle since you last interacted with us:

We constantly improve our app, went live with several major releases to help our dropshippers, e.g. more seamless product syncing, automated payments and more. We introduced a free sample t-shirt offer recently to try us out as we are confident about the quality of our products (do also look at our hand-crafted leather bags! They make heads turn in a great way!). When it comes to service, we really aim to not only help dropshippers, but work together with them and solve whatever comes our way, and we have more dedicated resources who really try their best to work with our customers, and our dropshippers especially. We love our dropshippers and we want to offer them an amazing experience throughout. Are there always things to improve? Yes, that’s the case for every person and every company all over the world. Do we listen and do we work at improving things? Yes we do, it can take a bit of time if changes are consequent but we keep improving, and we keep dropshippers who work together with us in the loop too. I really hope you can see how genuine this answer is and how much we actually care.

DWYT Fashion

Easy to design the products, large selection, attractive products and modern printing technology. I had problems with the configurator, it was helped quickly and friendly (amazing support) - now everything works fine again. The synchronization works perfectly, even with a sale everything works fine.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

22 november 2021

Thank you so much for your review. The team will be delighted to read this. I have transferred to them, and if you face any issue or even have ideas for new features, do not hesitate to reach out to the team who will do their best to help again


Hello there, While exuding with the power placed at my finger tips, since reviews can really help or compromise a businesses image, I am happy to provide the following review for the Contrado team. So lets start with this, Contrado markets their products as some of the finest to the finest quality, which ever the interpreter wants to interpret, my opinions from the products I have ordered are that they are crafted with the attention to details, reflecting the skills and care placed by their crafters, to provide a beautifully polished finished piece, so well done on quality Contrado. We really like the fact that after an order is placed, Contrado maps out in visual aids, every step the product goes through before getting delivered. Be it the pressing, to the sewing, and even the cutting process, customers simply click on the invoices tab under their orders section, and a window pops up, with what step of the crafting process that specific order is in. Once again, Well done Contrado, this time on orders information fluidity. Now moving forward to their customer service, re-stated this is my opinion, from my experiences, as a store business owner, I like to compare shopping around for a print on demand a lot like, looking for love on a dating app. what I mean by this is, a drop ship will usually promote their best features, it's natural to want to highlight the best qualities, a company offers, however sometimes the rest becomes a discovery after the meet. The Contrado customer service is meh, pretty awesome in my opinion(re-stated). The staff I've had the privilege to converse with, were courteous, if they cannot get to an individual in a timely manner, they offer the e-mailing option from the chat window, and in our case they've had a optimal timely response rate. Well done again Contrado, seems like you're on a roll. As I have mentioned the positives, keeping true to balance and highlighting all aspects within a review, I will leave you with this, the Contrado design interface may take a little getting used to, for us after a little practice we were able to place our designs on the products with ease, there is a server glitch that happens sometimes, where if an individual’s cache isn't cleared some of the products on the Contrado website look a little distorted, but this is only on the their website view, once it has hit our Shopify the images look wonderful. Is it a Contrado mishap, or an individuals personal web mishap, I'd rather not place blame on either and just mention it as an occurrence, so overall Well done, and good luck... Ventignua INC