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27 de dezembro de 2023

It is one of the Apps which is best in what it says. The only downback is it is only allowing 1 Additional Currencies. Apart from this this app is pretty good and useful.

3 minutos usando o app
20 de outubro de 2023

I can't change the price for another country that I will sell in it

Aproximadamente 13 horas usando o app
17 de setembro de 2023

It is an awesome experience with this I like this one.

Emirados Árabes Unidos
3 meses usando o app
20 de setembro de 2023

I like how quick and easy it was to set everything up. Nice UI, simple and easy to read settings, and a good amount of customization for free users. This app is definitely a must have if you find yourself wanting to sell or already are selling outside of your local area. Keep in mind there is a paid option that grants access to even more options and settings!

Algorithmic Aesthetic
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 horas usando o app
5 de setembro de 2023

This app is very easy to use. I would however recommend that you allow users with the free plan to be able to select 2 currencies and Languages and then offer more selections by becoming a loyalty member.

Ledgendari Beauty
1 dia usando o app
10 de setembro de 2023


Estados Unidos
23 dias usando o app
17 de agosto de 2023

Fairly useful application. Good technology. A bit scammy the way they pretend they are hellbent on increasing your website speed when this has slowed my website like no other app before it. Customer service was intelligent and thorough. A bit too personable for me, but I would boil that down to a matter of taste. Certainly the better imbalance relative to hostility. Fairly enjoyable troubleshooting experience overall. The translations were very good. All in all I would recommend this app to people that want an all in one solution to their language and currency qualms. I would not recommend this app to someone whose risk and reward ratio does not tilt in the favor of sacrificing website speed. Depends on the person. Should be fine for most. 4/5

5 dias usando o app
4 de novembro de 2023


16 dias usando o app
14 de agosto de 2023

CVC is easy to customise and setup. I love the switcher interface. I have compared this product to others and it is great and cheap compared to the facilities and price offered by other vendors. Great buy !

Luxury Trend Deals (LTD)
Reino Unido
21 dias usando o app
1 de novembro de 2023

best plugin ever i recommend to use iy

Aproximadamente 12 horas usando o app