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ConvergEX Shop App

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ConvergEX delivers a comprehensive logistics and distribution solution with a single point of contact for all forms of transport and freight - Air, Ground & Sea.

Our consultative approach to distribution management blended with the effective use of technology ensures our customers get value with every shipment, at a surprisingly affordable rate.

ConvergEX control the price of shipping and shipping method that you as a client can see during the checkout process. Offers you the merchant to choose the shipping method of your choice.

The shipping rates that ConvergEX offer are weight-based rates calculated based on the weight of the order that you the merchant wants to ship.

How does it work

Shopify platform sends ConvergEX the order details during the checkout process and then ConvergEX returns any rates and shipping method that you can choose from resulting from the origin, destination and the weight of the order.

How are the shipping rates displayed

ConvergEX Shipping rates are displayed on your shopping cart page before you proceed to payment and you able to see the shipping destination with the option to change it if you want to before continuing the payment process.

Diverse Solutions

We are able to configure optimal solutions for your every distribution needs. Whether it be in the air, on the road, at sea or standing still, we'll find the right answer at the right price.

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