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Save your Contact Form Submissions into Message Threads.

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Turn contacts into customers

Capture your “Contact Us” form submissions, create new customers and convert the messages into a conversation.

Spend less time sending emails

Receive notification of new messages. Then respond to all of your conversations from the inside your store’s admin, on your time.

Send targeted messages

Start a conversation with your customers and they'll receive and reply to your messages via email. No more answering individual emails.

关于 Conversations

What is Conversations?

Conversations allow you to communicate with your customers in an organized and easily searchable interface.

When a potential customer submits a question on your “Contact Us” page, Conversations will retrieve and convert the communication into a text message-like thread.

We’ll send you a notification letting you know that a new conversation has been created. Simply log into your store to reply!

Customers will be able to receive and reply to messages via email.

Easily search, organize, and respond to your customers and make the most of every sales opportunity with the Conversations app.

Shopify Contact Form Integration

Capture your “Contact Us” form submissions and convert the messages into a Conversation.

Send Targeted Messages

Start a new Conversation from the inside of the Shopify admin and they'll receive and reply to your messages via email.

Send/Receive Attachments

Share and receive important images or PDFs with your customers.

View Important Customer Stats

See how much a customer has spent, location, and total purchases when sending messages.

Mask Your Private Shop Email Address

Your Shopify notifications will no longer contain private email addresses that can become public or possibly spammed.

Auto-Reply Messages

Add a custom confirmation message sent to potential customers when they submit a form on your site.

Customer Creation

Automatically convert your shop's Contact Form submissions into customers.

Custom Branded Emails

Add a custom header and footer to your emails to promote your brand. (Coming Soon)

Custom Folders

Create, organize, and store important Conversations into custom folders for future reference. (Coming Soon)


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Plus plan


$5 per additional 250 messages

  • 14-day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Customers
  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  • Auto-Reply
  • Customer Creation
  • Email Support Directly In Conversation App

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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Gamer Tees

I was looking for an easy way to communicate with my customers without having to filter through all the random e-mails, marketing and SPAM. This app is a must have!

Guru Muscle

Hi, I don't normally write a review but I had to do that with this app. It's super easy to install and the best part of app is Nathaniel. He always does his best to help you out with anything you may have. Even on the weekends. I really appreciate it as a new store we couldn't wait for weeks to set everything up and Nathaniel answered back us the next day. And the issue was sorted out. Can't wait for image attached as a new feature. Thanks


Super easy to install! Now all of my contact form messages are saved in my Shopify admin! Great app!