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21 maj 2021

It has way too many things broken. I lost track of all the menus and features that simply don't work. Example: in the Sales reports section, things don't add up. The main sales segment is missing! Direct sales. Second, many data charts and number require that you enter COGS. Without you entering this, you end up with zero everywhere if if the calculation doesn't require the COGS data! The store funnel is useless since it cant do product specific funnel so you have no way to see if you are improving a specific product page. The insights page looks promising but also doesn't work. There are no graphs for the major data points so you have no idea if you are improving or getting worse, just a number for a point in time... not very useful unless you regularly export all the data to Excel and do you own graphs... who has that time?

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Conversific Profit Analytics svarade 1 september 2021

Thank you for your review! I honestly say that I am truly sorry that we've let you down!
It was hard reading your words. I was thinking for quite a lot of time about how to react to it. I will try to reach out and make it up to you.

Redigerat 6 maj 2020

Waste of time. did not work. Installed it. logged in but it game a dead link. Whats a waste if time...

Le Tablier Bleu | Online French Food Supermarket
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Conversific Profit Analytics svarade 6 maj 2020

Hi there. I'm sorry if you've had a bad experience. Checked your details. Looks like you haven't been able to connect your Shopify store correctly. I'm here to help.

23 april 2020

not helpful for small business, only can check last month status nothing else,.... not found any helpful in this app

Fashion Clearance
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5 november 2019

I like the service that this app provides, however the data is continuously incorrect, and customer service is extremely slow to respond. This app was installed on our site for a little over a month, and three out of four weeks, it did not work due to incorrect data, or account disconnect. Every time this happens it takes a minimum of three days to get someone to respond and try to fix it. Then it disconnects, or gives false info again. I would love to be able to use this product, but it isn't possible to have faith in ANY of the data when it is wrong the majority of the time. Not a little bit wrong, WAY wrong, with months of data simply missing from the YTD reports, and other reports simply failing.

Coquetry Clothing
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Conversific Profit Analytics svarade 5 november 2019

We are very sorry if we've let you down. We try to do our best to take good care of you. Unfortunately, we do not offer 24/7 support, but we try to respond immediately whenever we can. I genuinely hope we can make this work out for you.

Kind regards,