Conversion & Features Icons

Conversion & Features Icons

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Highlight Features & Guarantees with icons. Build trust

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Designer icons

Attractive designer icons to encourage customers to remain in your store by winning their trust in seconds

Increase sales conversions

Display icons to ease your customers’ fears and motivate them to purchase your product

Build trust

Display your product features, shipping, and guarantees to allowing your customers to shop with confidence

有關 Conversion & Features Icons

Colorful icon options to match your store design

More than 1000 icons that match your store's design. Customize your title, subtitle, colors, font size, alignment, and more using our no-code editor.

Increase customer trust with icons to boost sales

Enhance your business with your product features/benefits, shipping, and guarantees.

Easy Setup - Developer Free

No developers needed! Just install the app and create your first feature with icons in less than 5 minutes.

Mobile First

Customers in your store are using mobile devices. Catch their attention with our mobile-ready layout, enabling you to build trust with every customer, via any device.

Key Features:

  • Fast CDN-based performance
  • Hundreds of icons in a variety of segments: eCommerce, Shipping, Ecology, Beaty, and SPA
  • No-code user-friendly editor
  • Advanced styling – font size, alignment, and spacing
  • Easy design settings that let you control icon size, color, and style
  • Place your badges on any page in any section (cart/footer / hero / product page) automatically

App won't work, and we can't help you with installation if you use any of the apps which try to optimize your store speed by blocking other apps.



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  • Unlimited icon blocks
  • Unlimited monthly icon pageviews
  • All Design Options
  • Choose from 1000+ icons
  • Upload your custom icons
  • Chat support

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5.0 5 顆星


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Simple, yet very useful app. Have been using this app for quite a while, and appreciate a lot the Rocketly team's execution. Contacted the support just once, and was very surprised by the prompt and professional response from Timofey, a true genius at Rocketly: in an hour he identified and HOT-FIXED the issue, which I was experiencing. The only wish I got is to have a search button while browsing the badges (especially payment systems) and grouped badges of the same companies (for instance, all PayPal badges are located next to each other and not in different parts of the badges list). Other than that tiny inconvenience, it is an awesome app which does help to gain clients' trust.


The usage of the Conversion & Features Icons App is very simple and the icons are very useful! Support Team is more then professional. We have a question regarding the appearance of the icons and the solution was more than quick and the assistance was very polite and helpful. I absolutly reccomend Rocetly and their apps! Thank you Rocketly Team! :)

The Biweekly Vegan

Does as stated. Good responsive support team when needed. Still adding better features a good app to have. Find it effective for my store