Convert Dial

Convert Dial

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Optimize Your Funnel With AI Powered Customer Segmentation

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AI powered conversion tool

Powerful AI reverse-engineers your customers' path to conversions

Segment your customers

AI predicts which customers are going to shop, engage or be lost to the competition

Supercharge your marketing

Using the AI’s predictions, attract, convert and retain customers faster & cheaper

Convert Dial 정보

Boost your sales with AI powered customer segmentation

Increase conversions on Shopify using superior Artificial Intelligence technology to predict customer behavior

What Convert Dial Does For You

Are you struggling to increase Shopify sales? Do you want to increase customer retention on Shopify? Convert Dial is a powerful customer segmentation app for Shopify that supercharges your targeting and marketing to deliver outstanding results

Less Guesswork More Sales

  • Reduces marketing budget while skyrocketing sales
  • Stops funnel leakage with the AI’s real-time predictive customer behavior insights
  • Saves time and effort analyzing customer data
  • Aids sniper targeting to boost sales conversions
  • Saves money in ad spend by drastically reducing non-converting targeting
  • Acts as a marketing springboard to outperform the competition
  • Cuts out the guesswork in your targeting
  • Improves customers’ engagements and relationships
  • Enhances brand awareness that boosts sales conversions

Powerful predictive AI technology

  • Customized predictive AI models for every store
  • Automated end-to-end with real time insights
  • Connect data and leave the rest to us
  • Convert Dial uses owned user level first party data

Free to try

  • Just one simple monthly payment
  • No need to install any code on your site
  • No tracking or cookies

Supercharge your Shopify marketing

  • Convert Dial's revolutionary predictive AI technology identifies your best prospects on your custom dashboard
  • Customer segmentation and targeting recommendations help boost your sales like never before
  • Auto sync segments with Klaviyo and immediately incorporate recommendations into marketing strategies
  • Create custom audiences in Facebook with just a few clicks for smarter targeting and better results
  • Engage, convert and retain more customers with never-seen-before advanced predictive technology

Cloud-Based Application, Easy To Setup & Fully Automated

  • A Customized Solution For Every Shopify Store


  • 7 day free trial (no credit card needed) then
  • $49/m for stores with revenue less than $100k/yr
  • $99/m for stores with revenue between $100k/yr and $1m/yr
  • $199/m for stores with revenue more than $1m/yr

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Wild Fusion Skincare

Convert Dial is an absolute 'must have' app on your eCommerce store. It syncs so easily with Shopify and Klaviyo and gives you immediate and usable data - no more tedious email segmenting for me, Convert Dial has it already done! The exciting part is having potential sales through email marketing just sitting there waiting for me to action anytime I need - it's seriously that easy! Thank you Megna, the science of predicting customer behaviour to convert more customers is a game changer for my store.