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Exit Popups. Email & SMS forms. Shop Quizzes. Landing pages.

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All-in-one tool for conversion

Launch popups, forms, quizzes, bars and landing pages. Collect opt-ins. Show free shipping progress bars. Create landing pages for each ad.

Build shop quizzes quickly

Display shop quizzes across your site to survey visitors, segment by answers, collect opt-ins and recommend products based on quiz scores.

Show personalized offers

Display personalized offers to each shopper based on their shopping cart, quiz answers, Klaviyo segments, site activity and more.

关于 ConvertFlow ‑ Popups & Quizzes


ConvertFlow is the all-in-one platform for converting your Shopify website visitors.

The ultimate popup builder for Shopify stores

Promote exit-intent offers, free shipping banners, newsletter opt-ins, contests, product recommendations, personalized offers and more using ConvertFlow’s popup tools.

Target based on Shopify carts & more

Recommend products and drive conversions across your ecommerce funnel by targeting popups & CTAs to shoppers based on their shopping cart, quiz answers, site activity, Klaviyo segments and more.

Double your email & SMS list growth

Sync form submissions right into your Shopify customer database and your ecommerce marketing tools.

For example, use ConvertFlow’s deep integration with Klaviyo to segment subscribers by syncing contact fields, quiz answers and scores into Klaviyo, to send better personalized email campaigns.

Build shop quizzes effortlessly

Build shop quizzes that survey visitors, segment them by answers, collect opt-ins and recommend products based on quiz scores. Launch quizzes as popups, landing pages, embedded sections and more.

More than just popups

Using ConvertFlow’s all-in-one conversion platform, you can quickly create, personalize and launch popups, forms, surveys, quizzes, sticky bars and landing pages that integrate with Shopify, without coding.

Launch faster without developers

No more waiting on developers and designers. With ConvertFlow's 300+ conversion templates and our no-code drag-&-drop builder, you can launch new conversion campaigns on your Shopify store effortlessly, all without coding!

Deep Shopify integration

  • One-click install – When you click to install ConvertFlow's Shopify app, ConvertFlow will be instantly installed on your website, no extra install steps required.

  • With Shopify connected, from ConvertFlow's interface you can now use Shopify targeting conditions to target your popups and CTAs to visitors based on products being viewed, collections being viewed, shopping cart quantity & value and more.

  • When shoppers click on your ConvertFlow popup’s buttons, submit forms and even surveys, using ConvertFlow's automations interface you can trigger Shopify actions to add products to the shopper’s cart and conditionally apply Shopify tags to customers.

Split-test and experiment with offers

Using ConvertFlow’s split-testing tools, you can quickly create multiple variants of your conversion campaigns, distribute traffic between variants, round-robin your split-tests and more.

See case studies & examples

To read ecommerce marketing case studies, success stories and testimonials from ConvertFlow’s community of marketing teams, ecommerce companies & agencies, head to our website and click the “Customers” navigation link.


  • MailChimp,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Zapier,
  • Segment,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Drip






定价 14 天免费试用




Up to 5,000 monthly visitors & 250 unique conversions

  • Unlimited popups, quizzes and landing pages
  • Free plan integrations
  • Quiz scores
  • Conversion reports & contact alerts
  • Knowledge-base support



Track & convert up to 5,000 monthly visitors. $10/m per additional 10,000 monthly visitors

  • Pro plan integrations
  • Site personalization
  • Skip logic
  • A/B tests
  • Custom domains for hosted pages
  • Optional powered by links
  • Email/chat support



Track & convert up to 5,000 monthly visitors. $10/m per additional 10,000 monthly visitors

  • Business plan integrations
  • Target Klaviyo segments
  • Advanced campaign manager
  • Contact scoring
  • Multi-variate tests & attribution

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** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

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Cuddle Clones

ConvertFlow has been an invaluable tool for us. It's flexibility has allowed us to use it for way more than just a simple pop-up to collect emails and phone numbers. We've used it for surveys, review generation and even specific cart-based messaging that's unique to each user. With their HubSpot integration we've been able to easily segment users and target messaging. Whenever we've had an issue or question their support has quickly responded, and their development team has even made changes to fit our specific needs. Would definitely recommend ConvertFlow to any store that is in need of a great lead gen tool with excellent support!


I honestly feel ignored by customer support. Had the same issue for 5 days now and am no closer to resolution.



Thank you for your feedback. It's important to mention that ConvertFlow's free plan only has support via tutorials and help docs. On our paid plans ($49+/m), we provide live chat support where can jump into assist you quickly with personalized help.