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Convertfly - Automate Facebook Messenger Marketing

Convertfly - Automate Facebook Messenger Marketing

Developed by Convertfly

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 365 days More info
  • Show beautiful widgets on your store to grow Facebook subscribers quickly
  • [Exclusive] Target both store and cart abandoners to make more sales using Messenger
  • Easy to setup. All tools are automated and take less than 30 seconds to setup

Why Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger is an incredibly powerful channel and can generate much more engagement and sales than email or push.

Why Convertfly as your Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool?

Convertfly makes simple, automated tools for you to get the most of Facebook Messenger and generate extra sales. Here’s why you should use Convertfly:

  • Get started and setup in less than two minutes

    All campaigns are automated and already setup. Just decide what tools you want to run. Each tool takes less than 30 seconds to turn on

  • Target a lot more shoppers

    Show offers and run campaigns for shoppers who are browsing your store [90% of store’ traffic] and not just abandoning cart [less than 3% of traffic]

  • Beautiful widgets

    All of our widgets look beautiful on your store. You can customize each widget to match your store’s branding

  • Simplified pricing

    We charge based on the number of subscribers we get for you. Nothing else. Get started for free - we don’t charge until you get 100 subscribers.

  • Metrics that matter

    Easily track the number of subscribers and sales generated from each tool

  • Responsive development

    Easily track our product roadmap. We update our app with the features you want - every two weeks

What kind of tools do you offer?

We have two kinds of tools: Subscriber tools and Sales tools.

Subscriber tools grow your Messenger subscribers. Sales tools get more sales from your subscribers. It takes less than a minute to review and turn them on.

Here are the tools that we offer:

Subscriber tools

  • Homepage widget Exclusive

    Show discount on your store’s homepage to first-time shoppers

  • Add to cart widget

    Show an offer below the add to cart button on your product page

  • Abandoning Cart Popup Coming soon

    Show a full-size popup to stop your shopper from abandoning cart

  • Favorite Collection Widget Coming Soon

    Show an offer if your shopper browses a collection for long without adding products to cart

  • Favorite Product Widget Exclusive

    Show an offer if your shopper is on a product page for long but not adding it to cart

Sales Tools

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Send reminders to recover lost sales from cart abandoners. Fastest way to get more sales.

  • Messenger Retargeting Exclusive

    Retarget store abandoners for free with their most viewed product. Impacts 90% of your traffic.

  • Order Receipt Offer

    Send an offer with order receipt to make more sales from buyers

  • Order Follow up Coming Soon

    Get feedback and convert happy customers into great reviews

Ready to start?

You can sign up right now for free. We don’t charge until we get you 100 subscribers. Get started right now and start generating revenue through Facebook Messenger.

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When I started using Convertfly, I struggled with conversions and abandoned carts. My abandoned cart emails were not working and I had not even thought about growing my FB subscriber list. Convertfly was so easy to use and the campaigns worked immediately.


When I started using Convertfly, I had no idea how to build my Facebook Messenger subscriber list. Ashwin and his team walked me through the process of automating with Convertfly. Within the first week I converted a big sale through Convertfly and grew my subscriber list with no effort. I highly recommend Convertfly.

From $0.00 / month

It's free up to 100 subscribers. You can check the pricing at www.convertfly.com/pricing

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