Translate your shop ConveyThis

Translate your shop ConveyThis

by ConveyThis

Translate your Shopify store and sell more items globally!

4.7 of 5 stars(15 reviews)

Create a multilingual website

Use the power of automatic machine translator to speed up the entire translation process.

Create great content

Create user-friendly content and increase your customer's loyalty by improving your translation through a simple interface.

Attract global audience

Take advantage of multilingual site, get additional visits, improve your sites traffic and gain new sales from all over the world.

About Translate your shop ConveyThis

Key benefits you will get using ConveyThis Translate:

  • 92 of the most popular languages are supported
  • 2-minutes installation with no coding required
  • Ability to offer your products to customers around the globe
  • Analytics dashboard to track and optimize conversions
  • Simple interface to edit your translations
  • Professional translators who are just a click away
  • Ability to delegate the whole translation process
  • Highly customizable language button
  • Dedicated support to all users

Once you have a multilingual website you can attract customers from all over the world. ConveyThis Translate will do all of the work for you. To start translating you just need to select the source and target languages, customize your fancy language switcher and that's it, so simple.

Easy to install and integrate

ConveyThis App is the modern solution where you won't need to deal with any coding or difficult schemes to get it to work. Once you installed the app to your store, it automatically creates for you a ConveyThis account, where you need to select a single most important thing for you multilingual site - source and target languages. From that point you're good to go. The language button is now live.

User-oriented appearance

Button customization allows you to set it up as you want. Whether you have additional pop-up forms or just simply want to move the button you can always change its position in the settings. There many other customization options like changing the flag's shape, selecting between short and whole language names, set up custom language-flag pairs, etc.

Fast and accurate: the entire process

The machine translator is pretty accurate, but still, it's not a human. Its purpose is to boost the translation process and save your budget for creating a multilingual website. Once it's done you can edit your translations through one simple interface. To top of it, in your account, you have the support of professional translators that can help you with general proofreading or in-depth corrections.

Smart analytics and pricing

Inside your ConveyThis account you have a smart analytics dashboard to track the number of translated words and page views. It's so easy to decide which pages of your website bring your more sales eventually and increase your advertising budget for those pages. Also, with this in place on the one hand and our flexible pricing on the other hand, you will never find yourself in position when you spend extra for what you do not really need. This gives you total transparency and ability to switch between the plans even on your own, without contacting our team.

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Free Plan


  • 1 translated languages

  • 5,000 page views/month

  • 2,500 free machine words

  • + Customizable language widget

  • Access to pro translators

Starter Plan


  • 1 translated languages

  • 20,000 page views/month

  • 10,000 free machine words

  • + Customizable language widget

  • Access to pro translators

Business Plan


  • 5 translated languages

  • 50,000 page views/month

  • 50,000 free machine words

  • Customizable widget

  • Access to pro translators

  • Visitor redirection

PRO plan


  • 92 translated languages

  • 200,000 page views/month

  • 200,000 free machine words

  • Access to pro translators

  • Visitor redirection

  • Multiple domains

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 15 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Mer Nature

Really easy to use and the basic free plan offers an acceptable translation in many languages. Customer support is helpful and they responded to my request in less than an hour.

Developer reply

September 27, 2019

Thank you for your kind reply and leaving a positive feedback. Appreciated! ;)

Has been an amazing app for us. We are not native bilingual owners and this app has helped us to make it easier for our customers to use our site. We recommend this to any and all website owners.

GB Sbarchi

I use this app for my website. Because, I use Vietnamese language, it is look like difficult translate so I need finding the app to accordance with me.
Base on I trying ConveyThis App, I am feeling very good.
Thanks to Developers.