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Quick GDPR

Cooki makes compliance simple and fast. It's FREE!!

Cookie Consent Banner For GDPR

Upload a fully customizable cookie GDPR acceptance banner to your store.


Generate GDPR Privacy Policy Easily with one click.

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About Cooki ‑ GDPR Compliance

Data Privacy for your Shopify Stores, made easy. Everything you need to manage privacy for your online store business in one simple cookie app.

Build a privacy experience for your customers to trust from their purchases for FREE. Our Cooki app's features will help your online shop become compliant with worldwide privacy laws like GDPR with one click!

Make sure your Shopify Store is compliant with GDPR.

Instant cookie compliance with EU law in one click

Is your Shopify store based in the EU or do you offer free or paid goods to EU residents?

If the answer is yes, then you need to be GDPR compliant so you don’t fall foul of EU legislation.

We can help your online store become GDPR compliant in minutes by installing Cooki - GDPR Compliance Shopify App.

Our Easy Cookie Bar will show a banner to the visitors informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms the banner will be hidden from that customer.

Who needs to be compliant with GDPR?

Shopify Stores based in the EU and stores that offer free or paid goods to EU residents will need to provide a cookie policy to their customers.


  • Customisable cookie acceptance banner.
  • Easy GDPR compliant privacy-policy generator.
  • Simple API to perform on-site consent tracking.
  • No developers needed - you can customise the banner by yourself.
  • We log the consent for you. So if you ever had to prove someone’s consent, you can contact us and we can help. Coming soon to your dashboard.
  • One click install.

What can the app do?

It will provide the GDPR banner for your store. Will pass consent information back to Shopify.

Note: Installing Compliance GDPR shopify app alone does not make your online store GDPR compliant. Since each website uses different cookies, you need to ensure you have the necessary configurations in place with a supporting cookie notice.

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This app is just great. Really easy to use and it does exactly the thing you want it to do, your Cookies! Thanks so much for having done this app!


It doesn't work any more. I send few times request on support but nobody answer me.

Vitality and Wellness

We installed this app after the news came out about the GDPR legislation for Europe; being an Australian business we weren't sure what we needed to do to comply. This app did the job, works perfectly. We haven't had any issues. Thank you!