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Neutral because after the 14 day trial - no customers took up the offer - so it could just be annoying them, but maybe not - who knows. We offered 5% of any order at

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使用应用的时长: 4天

We've had this app for a month now. We would love to give it a 5-star review but there are some issues that stop us from doing so.

1. Easy to set-up and modify.
2. Works - People will share their purchase.
3. Fast customer support.

1. $1.50 per share + whatever you offer in return will add up fast!
2. There is no way to see their post.
3. No guarantee they did not share and then delete.
4. No ability to use in combination with discount codes (If discount code is active, disable offer.

Now when running a business, comparing the pros and cons becomes very obvious as to what's more important. Customers will use everything and anything they can to save money on their order.

For us, we've had much more success in advertising through social media. When contacting support about this, we were told they would be offering a flat rate monthly and a lower transaction fee. If that happens we may continue to use this. But for now it's on hold.

使用应用的时长: 5个月

We added this app and didn't receive another order for 3 1/2 days. When an order finally arrived the customer used the app and then had to write to us to find out where his refund was. It's not listed on the receipt. More time had to be taken to check that his refund was processed. In the meantime, someone wrote to tell us that the app pops up at the beginning of the checkout process in a very intrusive way. Our customers did not appreciate the intrusive nature of the app, saw it and left. Hence our loss of sales. So this app cost us 3 1/2 days of revenue + all the wasted click costs from our PPC program.

Updated 5/19/2015 - I understand that Coopt has updated the app and changed how the interface interacts with the user. Hopefully this eliminates the problem we had with the app. They should be commended for the speed and attention paid to fixing the problem.

使用应用的时长: 5天