Copy Guard

Copy Guard

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Protect your content and your unique marketing poesy.

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Guard images

Copy Guard protects your images aganist copy or download or drag and drop

Protect from Copy

Copy Guard protect your content getting copied through shortcuts or other browser hacks.

Disable right click

Copy Guard disables right click on all your valued marketing material so as to proect from copying.

Acerca de Copy Guard


It's really hard to come up with original content and conquer minds of users with it. At the same time , in Internet it is really easy for someone to copy or replicate your original content. Just like fake products harm the good will of good brands , people copying your content undermine your good will and quality.

It is very easy for anyone to copy or download your original materials be it images or text through Browsers.


Enters Copy Guard !! . It will helps you to protect your store image,text and other valuable contents from being copied with few simple clicks. It will disable certain features which makes it hard for someone to copy your content.

Protect your store in a minute and after installation - as simple as that . After installation you will be redirected to your store with protection in place.


  • Disable Right Click - Copy Guard disables the right click - a window of copying. Thus prevents users from copying the content as well as saving the images.
  • Disable Drag Drop - Copy Guard prevents the copying of images with drag-drop .
  • Disable Keyboard Shortcuts - Copy Guard ensures that customer can't use keyboard shortcuts to copy the content.
  • Mobile Friendly - Copy Guard works on mobile and desktops !!

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