Elfsight Countdown Timer

Elfsight Countdown Timer


Sale countdown timer to stimulate buyers activity


Discount Countdown Timer

Show the time until the end of the promotion and create urgency with a countdown clock! Add a timer to any page on your site.

Stock count

Display the clients how inventory falls in front of their eyes. Convince your visitor to buy now, not later! it will increase sales

Holiday Countdown Timer

Create a themed countdown bar. Announce holiday promotions, remind customers of time left to buy.

有關 Elfsight Countdown Timer

Countdown timer to set up urgency

Set a countdown clock that will show the time left till the end of a discount period or a special offer. It will build an impression of urgency and drive visitors to buy faster not to lose a chance.

Remaining time count for each visitor

Speed up purchasing with a personal countdown timer for each visitor. It will show the time till the end of a personal offer, discount, or bonus and create a fear of missing.

Start-to-finish number count

Increase interest in your items among users by demonstrating how quickly they get sold out. For this you can set a website countdown timer that will show a growing number of sales or decline in stock.

Two scenarios after timer finishing

After the time has run out, there are two possible scenarios: your website timer can totally disappear from the page, or show a message, which you want users to see.

Redirection button for swift purchase

Arrange the shortest way to purchase, adding a button that will redirect users to a required page. It will appear next to the Countdown Clock and you can also edit button labels to write a call-to-action.

Holiday themes for attractive sale bars

Don’t miss profit during holidays and special occasion. Create a theme sales bar for holiday sales and special offers, using one of the predefined themes: Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Valentine and more.

And many more:

  • Three types of Countdown Timer: start-to-finish, remaining time per visitor, start-to-finish number count
  • Up and down counter
  • Option to set start and finish date and time
  • Option to show a message before timer
  • Editable message text with formatting
  • Option to create a button below the Countdown Timer
  • Editable button text
  • Option to set button link for redirection
  • Four-time units: days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Two actions after timer finish: hide Countdown Timer or show message
  • Editable text of timer finish message
  • Four-position variants: static top, floating top or bottom, and custom position
  • Align variants for custom position: left, right, center
  • 5 timer styles included
  • 5 holiday themes for the most popular occasions
  • Option to change the color of Countdown Timer, button, labels, and message


Can I try the Countdown Timer by Elfsight and remove it without payment? Sure! You can install Elfsight Countdown clock and use it for free during trial period of 7 days. If you remove it within this period, you won’t have to pay anything. Also you have a chance to explore all the features without installing the app - just check live demo on our website.

Can I cancel my subscription any time? Of course! You will just need to delete the app from your website and the subscription will be canceled automatically.



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