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11 maart 2022

There was a bug earlier today which resulted in our counter displaying the incorrect order. I reached out via email and got a reply back and the bug was fixed within 15 minutes of me sending the email. Seems like there was a backend error that caused this on some counters if yours is bugged reach out to them via email and they can resolve/reset your counter.

Smell My Thongs
App gebruikt gedurende 5 maanden
Bewerkt 14 maart 2022

This team was very helpful to fix my issue. Very pleased with the counter as well. Really cool to have it in the office.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 5 dagen
13 oktober 2021

Really Easy to use App, workd perfectly with my Smiirl.
Would recomend for the one who buy smiirl KPI to see monthly sales

Aliz Chile
App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen
Bewerkt 13 oktober 2021

At first, I had issues but surprisingly, after writing to the developer, they actually fixed the problem showing accurately the sales. Works perfectly now :)

Triballe Chile
App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen
13 september 2021

Finally! I love my Smiirl counter, and use it as something of a 'heartbeat' in the back of the office to let me know things are working. Since moving to Shopify we, and our developers, were not able to figure out how to get it working, so Counter is a lifesaver for us, and the ability to configure what's being reported is great.

Abstract Ocean
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 26 dagen