Easy Country Blocker

Easy Country Blocker


Block or redirect unwanted visitors accessing your store

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Block Fraud visitor from Store

Block fraud visitors accessing your store and visible your store only for selected countries where you want to make business

Prevent Invalid Orders

Our App blocks the fraud/unwanted visitors so the fraud visitors can't create any order and you are secure from any problem

Redirect blocked visitors

Save your store bandwidth and server time by redirecting unwanted visitors if you do not want to display your store on the blocked countries

Easy Country Blocker 정보

In the online store, the store owner does not want to show his online store in the specific country. If you are frustrated about receiving fake international orders, then the right solution is here: A one of a kind app available in Shopify offering the ideal solution. Meet the “Easy Country Blocker” App.

Block the trespassers:

In some instances, the online store owner does not want to show the presence of his/her store in a specific country. Keeping the fact in mind, the Easy Country Blocker app has been produced by a range of expert app developers. The app is an expert in blocking unwanted countries where the store owner doesn’t want his/her store to be exposed to a specific location and also suspected IP range. Easy Country Blocker helps the proprietor to block all undesired from his/her store.   

For instance, if an online retailer is operating in his/her domestic country only, and getting orders from a country in which it doesn't have business-related access; then he/she can use Easy Country Blocker to bar all the nations where he/she doesn’t want to conduct his business.

What is there in Easy Country Blocker?

  • Block countries
  • Blocklist IP
  • Whitelist IP
  • Right Click Disable

Mode of operation of the Easy Country Blocker App: Superior protection guaranteed. The Easy Country Blocker App works strategically:

  • Facilitates the store owner to prepare a blocklist of all those restricted countries where he/she has no intention to forward business.
  • It protects your store from frauds and trespassers.
  • It secures the content of your store from being copied by other websites obtaining complete privacy.

Exclusive Features of Easy Country Blocker App:

  • Efficiently manage the countries that you want to block.
  • Stop particular countries from visiting your Shopify store.
  • Redirect specific users from visiting your Shopify store.
  • Restrict specific country from visiting your Shopify store.
  • Redirect specific country from visiting your Shopify store.
  • Easily manage the countries which you want to block.
  • Create a blocked IP range limiting the unsought users.
  • You can unblock the users by creating whitelist IP range.
  • Avoid unwanted traffic on your Shopify store.
  • Password protection on the blocked page.
  • Offers customized settings for blocked pages.
  • Right Click Disable feature.
  • Password Protection utility on the blocked page.

Dedicated Customer Support for You:

Easy Country Blocker App has a client-centric customer support team who are always happy to help and solve the customer’s queries.

Install the fantastic app with a free trial today.

Easy Country Blocker App is an extremely convenient and advantageous app for conducting business online without any threats.

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Premium Plan


  • Block Countries
  • Blacklist / Whitelist IP
  • Redirect URL
  • 10 Custom Block Page
  • Right Click Disable
  • Password Protection
  • Image & Text protection

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Finally I found an app that blocks all the countries on my blacklist.
I have tried other apps and they didn't cut it. Thanks!

Jacquard + Flange

Very untrustworthy, mainly for the very poor customer service. After blocking countries and IPs I found several cracks and issues in the apps ability to fully secure my site. I ran my own tests and saw very different results, I expected customer service to explain what I was seeing, but I got scripted copy/paste nonsense that was grammatically incorrect, redundant and completely unhelpful with explaining the conflicts I saw. I was given a 1-4 set of explanations and #1 & #3 were the exact same answer, and #2 & #4 was also the same answer, literally copy/paste, even included the same punctuation errors. Glad I caught all of this before the free trial ran out. There are better apps, more expensive, but that's fine if you don't want malicious bots running all over your site.

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 17일

We’re so sorry. This is on us. We would love to have you back and explain ourselves. We would love to make things right if you're willing to give us another chance.


After checking out the reviews. I was skeptical at first but once I started inquiring from developers about my website. All of them told me they don't have access. Some reviews are saying that customer were able to access their store and I think they would have to first access your store for the first time before the entire country gets blocked but works well for me.