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Coupon Carrier for MailChimp

Coupon Carrier for MailChimp

Developed by Ivory Consulting

13 reviews
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  • Distribute unique codes to new or existing subscribers
  • Incentivise new or potential customers to purchase more products using discount codes
  • Customize email with your logo, message, subject and call-to-action to suit your brand

What is Coupon Carrier?

You have an online store selling physical or digital products. In order to sell more products you want to
grow your email list and also give new visitors a discount as an incentive to buy. Using a popup or similar
kind of signup form you ask you visitors to signup to your email list. As a thank you they will receive a
discount code in their inbox. This is relatively easy to set up using MailChimp, if you want to give each
subscriber the same discount code, which you don't — because you want to prevent misuse and distribution of
the code to other customers.

What you want is to generate a list of unique discount codes, you can often generate multiple discount codes
from the administration of your online store. Then when someone subscribes to your email list you want to
automatically send them one of those unique codes.

Welcome Email

On of our features is our Welcome Email. This allows you to monitor one of your MailChimp lists for new subscribers. When Coupon Carrier is notified that a new subscriber has been added it will send out an email with one of your unique codes.

This email can be customized with your own subject, email message, company logotype and an optional button with a link to your website.

If you need additional customization, which is also a lot more advanced, you can also configure Coupon Carrier to trigger a custom MailChimp Automation that you've created. This automation can be entirely customized by you and you can include the unique code using a merge tag.

Redeem Link

Our simplest feature — in terms of configuration — is the Redeem Link. It's a custom link that you can use in any MailChimp campaign or automation by adding it as a link. When this link is clicked by a subscriber they are taken to a landing page where their unique code is shown.

This feature is useful for distributing codes to existing subscribers or birthday/ecommerce automation emails.

Getting started guide

Coupon Carrier has been used by over 2,000 customers to solve their distribution need. For more information visit our website or read our getting started guides to get a better understanding of how Coupon Carrier works.

Coupon Carrier for MailChimp reviews (13)


looks good but doesnt work
wasted too much time


Great to see a live feed of coupons sent out. Good UI, makes it easy to upload codes and scrub unused codes as well. Works perfectly for the Everyman team.


great app works as planed get customers emails with coupons, thanks!!


Adding a unique coupon code to first time newsletter sign ups was the single most effective strategy we've employed to turn new visitors into sales. Coupon Carrier + Mailchimp makes this incredibly easy. On top of that, Coupon Carriers customer and user service is quick, personable, and some of the best I've received -- Jason, Five and Diamond


Really good app. Does exactly what it advertises.


This app works exactly as described. With this app, we are able to offer new newsletter sign-ups a unique coupon code to use with their next order. Very satisfied with the app, interface, and customer service!


Super easy and great, but wish I could remove the step of having to download the codes in to a CSV and then upload! Still five stars!


The idea is great on this app, but I wish it worked with the mailchimp free plan. It would be awesome if the coupon code can be sent with the final welcome email.


I thought the idea of sending out a unique code would only allow the customer with that specific email address to use the code. While each customer is sent a unique code, a customer with any email address can use the code, so not entirely 'unique'.


This app is great! I just put a pop-up on the front page of my website for 10% off if you join our email list. Then I had to figure out how to implement this with mailchimp. This app was the answer. It was easy to install and now I can give out unique welcome discount codes to my customers.


Each imported code requires a credit. You can view our pricing at website.



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