Coupon Coffee

Coupon Coffee

開發者:WanaKin Labs LLC

Brew up customized coupons to keep your customers coming back


Customer Loyalty

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back with a unique, one-time discount code after each order.

Customizable Discounts

You get to choose how much of a discount to give, and you can even give returning customers steeper discounts as a thank you.


See simply, yet useful, analytics in the app dashboard about how much revenue our app is generating for your shop.

有關 Coupon Coffee

You know all of those annoying coupons on the back of your receipts when you go shopping? Well, imagine a version of that, except the coupons aren't as annoying and are actually for the store you just made a purchase at. That's exactly what Coupon Coffee does: it rewards your customers with a coupon code after they place an order, at a configurable rate.

How It Works

After a customer completes a purchase, they are taken to the order page which shows the usual purchase amount and shipping information. However, after installing our app, there will be another content box at the top that thanks your customers for their purchase, and provides a unique coupon code that they can use on their next purchase.

You can customize the discount percentage in the app's settings page, and we have several more customization option in the works!




We charge 5% of orders made using a coupon code generated by our app, or a flat $0.50 if the order is not in USD

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