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Zipify Coupon Countdown

Zipify Coupon Countdown

Developed by Zipify Apps

8 reviews
Price: $9.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Incentivize visitors to take action NOW with expiring coupon pop ups.
  • Choose who sees your coupons — trigger options include time on site, page visited, exit intent and many more.
  • With one click, dynamic coupon codes are automatically applied at checkout — no copying or memorizing required.

Offer one-time use coupons that trigger when and where you want!

  • Increase sales with incentivized time-constraint pop-ups

  • Add custom discounts and urgency to get customers to buy now

  • “Side-bar Widget” feature displays coupon deadline at right-hand-side of your site

Choose from many pop-up trigger options, including:

  • Time on site

  • Page visited

  • Number of site pages visited

  • Type or Tag of product visited

  • Exit Intent

  • And more
  • Plus a full Statistics Dashboard allows you to compare conversion events — like adds to cart, checkouts started, sales, and more — to optimize for the most effective coupons.

    And you can fully customize your discount offer:

    All coupon countdown discount codes are dynamically generated on a per-session basis and limited to a one-time use only.

    • Choose any discount amount

    • Configure savings by percentage or dollar amount off

    • Add minimum purchase requirements

    • Set the lifetime expiration date of discount codes

    • Filter by customer segments

    Easily customize design

    “Design Your Pop-Up” feature gives you control over the style, size, and location of your pop-up box.

    • Choose color, font and button appearance

    • Edit headline, disclaimer and discount name

    • Customize pop-up size: S, M, L

    • Select your pop-up’s on-screen location

    • Preview mode for mobile and desktop
      • The 100% No-Risk Promise

        Order right now with confidence as all of our apps come with a 14 Day FREE Trial!

        Purchase today 100% risk-free because Coupon Countdown comes with a full 14 Day FREE Trial. If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase, simply remove the app before your trial ends and you will not be billed.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What do I need in order to use Coupon Countdown?

        Just a Shopify store! Coupon Countdown does not require any other plugins or software. Simply download the app, and start coupons for your Shopify store.

        Can I use Coupon Countdown on multiple Shopify stores?

        Your purchase gets you one license that is good for one Shopify store. If you want to use the application on multiple stores, you have to purchase multiple licenses. Please use a unique email address for each additional purchase.

        What analytics are included?

        Countdown offers will be tracked in Coupon Countdown’s native dashboard which will show you how many people are seeing and using your Countdown Offer. You’ll be able to see how much revenue your offer has generated. As well as your top performing offers.

        Will I need a designer or developer to create countdown offers?

        No. Coupon Countdown has been professionally designed and coded so that you can make high-performing offers quickly and easily without the need of outside help.

    Zipify Coupon Countdown reviews

    8 reviews
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    5. 1 star (0 reviews)

    I was looking for an app to help with abandoned carts and this has worked great!! It has created more income so far than my email abandoned cart campaign. Highly recommend! www.frontporchcandles.com


    I had a return on investment of 7 times in just one day after installing this app!
    Moreover, the customer service is great. I highly recommend it.


    Loving this app. We are seeing significant revenue coming through it since implementing last month. Would be 5 stars with one exception (literally). It's not impossible, but it's not easy to segment specific pages to show (or not show) certain countdowns. Make that easier and this is a 5 star app all day.

    Thanks for a great product.


    Great app, saw an immediate bump in sales!



    The support i received was top notch. Time will tell on the power of this app as there is so much that can be done with it, for a store with massive inventory like mine this could massively increase my orders. www.divascloset.co.uk


    Zipify and their team are top notch no one releases better apps or has better support.

    This app is the best app I’ve ever installed in less then 24 hours it paid for it self with bringing in 3 orders totaling $84...

    I’ve used email pop up, banner bars, a bunch of things to help increase purchasing and have mediocre results. This app however is a heavy hitter with serious potential my store gets less then 5000 visitors per month and has a fairly low conversion rate on avgerage. This app however is boosting sales right out of the gate with no tweaking I just turned on their basic pop up for 75 seconds and Boom literally started making money with in a few hours of the app being installed with 1 click.

    You won’t find a more efficient app at boosting conversions for the price point they are offering!


    Good support and I will stay with them for wild. Keep in mind I up grade from 1 star to 4 stars and as soon as I will have more sales in week or two I may up grate to 5 stars.

    If you do not decide to use it, USE App, risk free and I had on my site www.globalseafoods.com couple of different tricks, which works for me.

    The idea is great, but app does not work, I have the app for two days (2 from 14 free try), but discount code dose not automaticly apply to product or cart. The bottom line you will have angry customer, which will say you are lier, which offer $10Off but refuse to give.

    Second triger was set up for Bogs and recipes pages, I have big traffic and want to increase conversion. However for some reason it does not show up on this pages.

    Summury: 528 times offer pop, 72 times was clicked, 18 times add to cart ( I did at least 10 times, try to find it is working) 1 deal.

    On the add Zipify showed much higher numbers, but I confuse, how it is possible? Will wait for few days if they will fix it, if nothing will work just, leave review.


    Only buy this app if you're not getting enough sales or if all the extra work of fulfillment doesn't bother you. Seriously though, we saw immediate sales on our first trigger and we haven't even started testing for the optimum one. Coupon Countdown is one of those no-brainer apps and it's our third Zipify app, all of which have been great for sales!

    $9.00 / month
    14 days

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