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Redigerat 22 mars 2019

Developer fixed the issue on pricing. Great job and he really cares about his customers. I will recommend this app to anyone looking for a coupon code option on your cart page

PMP Outdoors
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
Staytuned svarade 19 mars 2019

Hi, we've put back plans 50% off until December 31st, 2019. That means anyone installing the app from today to this date will get a 50%discount on all plans. Merchants like you using Shopify Basic will then pay $4.99 USD per month. This pricing will prevail as long as you have the app installed in your store.

4 mars 2020

Love the app on my UK store, have emailed would really appreciate someone helping me set it up on my US store (this one) the exact same way. Thanks

Whites Beaconsfield USA
11 månader användning av appen
Staytuned svarade 27 mars 2020

Hi, thanks for the request. We did the integration the next day you requested it, if I remember right. Is everything ok?

Redigerat 26 oktober 2018

Good concept but has some issues.

1.) The cart discount field does not load with the page. It is injected after the page loads. This causes the discount field to appear 1-3 seconds after the page load (depending on your connection). If customers are quick to hit checkout, they will never see it.

2.) This means that any other apps that automatically fill in your discount field will not work. I use the popular Justuno service. They automatically fill in your discount field on the checkout pages. This could work on the cart page as well but the discount field needs to load with the page - not after.

3.) Initially support was responsive but they have gone silent after a week and my trial is nearing the end.

I'd be glad to update my review if/when they fix this issue. All they need to do is add the code to the cart page so the discount field loads with the page.

The developer addressed a few of my concerns. However, I would still prefer to have the code load with my cart rather than after the page loads. I don't like the discount field showing up with a delay.

The developer's response was:
"That's how shopify apps should work. Other apps that insert snippets of code automatically in the theme always mess the theme and/or break it."

I understand why the developer has chosen this route. There are hundreds of themes out in the world and automatically inserting code could break those themes' layout.

The developer did open up some advanced features to call functions after their field loads but this still does not address my main concern. (Injecting the discount field after the page loads). A quick user could miss the field loading on the page if they hit the checkout button quickly.

What I would like to see in the advanced section is the ability to offer Shop owner the preference to insert the code themselves. The developer did offer to make edits to my code but I prefer to do the coding myself.

I will visit this addon in the future but for the meantime I am removing it.

Heroic Defender
13 dagar användning av appen
Staytuned svarade 19 mars 2019

We launched the Developers (custom templates) feature, which injects the coupon field inside the theme file, as the page loads (not after). It also allows to manipulate the HTML, CSS and JS. This new features should solve your #1 and #2.

23 november 2018

Derek showed me a sneak peek of their new Code your own template feature. That looks amazing. As a developer with very limited skills, I'll still be able to add the coupon field snippet in my cart and make the subtotal change dynamically when the discount is applied. You guys definitely need this feature to be live asap, as it's a must-have! Too bad it wasn't launched for Black Friday!

10 dagar användning av appen