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4. januar 2024

First, my goals were pretty unique and I was hoping it would solve my very frustrating issues. The staff was great to install the app on my behalf and the app worked as intended for the time I tested it and I could see much of its potential for many other businesses. Unfortunately, it was not solution I was looking for and did find something else that worked for our needs that I could implement quickly. The staff members that helped during the process were super helpful and responsive and had no intentions of giving up on or dismissing my concerns. I would highly recommend this company.

By The Board Games & Entertainment
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Redigeret 15. december 2021

We have a winner!!! Love the simplicity of the panel. Discounts are something I hate to overthink and waste my time trying to figure out when there are tons of mechanisms that command constant attention to ensure a store is well-lubed and revving all the time. A nice straight forward bummer-friendly panel with a cold can of beer is what I need and guess what? Heck yeah, the beer was good!! And...where were we? Ahhh...yeah so far so good I must say. It works hand-in-hand with Shopify Discounts. Took me about 20 minutes or so to get to that eureka moment and the rest is history! Support was swift. I will come back again to smash that 5-Star button once I can fully affirm that this app has rocked my world!

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