DiscountYard — Stack Discounts

DiscountYard — Stack Discounts

作成: MerchantYard

Stack Discounts, Multiple Automatic Discount, Combine Discount

Multiple automatic Discounts

Run multiple automatic promotions at once by applying discount codes automatically to customer's cart

Stack Discounts Together

Allow customers to add one or more discount codes at one order from cart. i.e. Summer Sale and Free Shipping

Increase Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate by letting your customers add discounts from cart before going to checkout

DiscountYard — Stack Discountsの詳細情報

App key features

  • Stack multiple discount codes at one order
  • Run multiple automatic promotions at once
  • Tired and quantity discounts
  • Add manual discount code on top of Shopify automatic discount
  • Add discount field to cart page and drawer
  • Combine multiple discount codes into one code
  • Real-time discount calculation
  • Tune the discount field design and text labels directly from the admin panel
  • Supports automatic and bulk discounts generated by 3rd party apps
  • Supports discount shareable link - The discount code associated with the link applies automatically.

Stack multiple discounts on one order

Allow your customers to add multiple discount codes at one order and combine them into one discount at checkout. Example: $10 off winter sale and 5% off at one order

Multiple automatic discounts

Run multiple automatic promotions at once by applying discount codes automatically to customer's cart.

Add discount field on cart page and/or drawer

The inability to find the discount code box in cart may increase a cart abandonment rate. This app helps your customers to apply a discount code in cart.

Customers will be able to apply a code directly in your cart and see their savings. This small improvement will increase customer satisfaction and improve user experience, which will lower the cart abandonment rate and generate greater sales in your store.

Discount Restrictions

Limit how many discount codes can be used at same time and set a maximum discount value a customer can get per order whether it is fixed amount or percentage.

Real-time discount calculation

Increase your conversion rate by letting customers know how much they will save already before going to checkout.


After installing the app, It might need to be configured to your store theme using basic CSS selectors — However If you aren't comfortable setting it up yourself, you can request a free-same-day-installation through live chat and we will configure it for you.


We are always here to help you with issues, installation, customization and everything else. Support is provided via Live Chat and Email Tickets.


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  • Stack multiple discount codes
  • Discount field on Cart
  • Multiple automatic discounts
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Combine discounts
  • Free Installation

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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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1Mission Nutrition

In my opinion, one of the singles biggest weaknesses of Shopify is how it handles discounts and coupons. That is why we love this app. It comes the closest to anything else we've tried to solve it. Now we can much more easily run specials and promotions and have them work the way they should. Also, they have outstanding support!

Flutter Flyers

This is a must-have! I used it - they installed it for me and added some custom script. It absolutely started helping conversions when combined with quantity discounts. love this app. And it's on the cart page, which is very nice. Highly recommend.


FINALLY! So glad I finally found an app that works perfectly fine. Mostafa from the support is really helpful and walked me through the app. The app stacks multiple automatic discount codes and you can manually add various of discount codes on the cart page, which is a great relief for each and every customer. Great app!