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  • CouponWorks increases conversions by showing the coupon savings in the cart. Customers love saving, don’t wait till checkout to show it to them!
  • Attract and retain more customers with a full suite of discount offerings including sales, discounts, coupons, BOGO offers, flash sales, deals.
  • Geo-target your offers to individual region, country or even individual state (or province)!

Note: This app is in beta. Please refer to our FAQs

Put coupons where they belong – in the cart!

Couponworks increases conversions by showing all the savings before checkout by making it possible to enter coupons in the cart. More savings lead to more conversions. Nobody hates a good deal!

The app is chock-full of features beyond just coupons:


Sales drop the prices of all products in the store or category (a category as defined in CouponWorks can be a collection, by vendor, by type, or a grouping of products) by a set percentage, effectively giving them a new price. No coupons required, sales are always applied.


Discounts give a percentage or a set value (e.g. $5) discount that is triggered by a minimum purchase. Discounts can be applied store-wide or category-wide (see Sales for the definition of category). No coupons required, discounts are always applied.

BOGO offers

This family of discounts allows you to have offers of the nature “Buy X, Get Y at …”. BOGO (Buy one, Get one free) is one of the more popular ones. But you can set anything like “Buy 3 shirts, and get a pair of jeans at $2 off” or use a percentage. No coupons required, they are always applied.


Coupons allow you to require coupons to apply any type of discount, sale or BOGO (or similar) offers. If there is a coupon attached to any of those, then they won’t be applied unless the coupon is added to the cart.

Single-use coupons

Same as coupons, but a series of up to 10,000 coupons that can only be applied once. Downloadable as a CSV file. Useful for emails.

Flash sales

These sales only appear for a limited time and can be of any nature (BOGO, sale, discount) and can optionally be attached to a coupon. CouponWorks provides a countdown timer on the relevant product, collection and home page to make it easy to communicate the sale.

Coupon stacking

All coupons and other types of offers (sales, discounts, etc.) can be stacked. Meaning your customer can apply several coupons to the same cart along with any sales or discounts that were applied without coupons. These are generally very popular on internet forums and can drive customers to your shop. If undesired, simply make sure they don’t overlap.


All the aforementioned offer types can be geo-targeted to a particular continent, region, country or even individual states or provinces. Once an offer is geo-targeted, it can only be applied in the targeted area.

Messaging management

All of your efforts are useless if the shopper doesn’t know which offers are running. This is made incredibly easy by providing a framework that posts the relevant messages in the relevant places. Ever seen those “APPLY COUPON25 on checkout” on Target or Macy’s sites? You can achieve that by simply uploading the image and link and CouponWorks will take care of the rest. It’ll even link to the relevant collection (or product) and put smaller versions on other pages. You can optionally also use text instead of images; or both. These messages are also geo-targeted based on the underlying offer.

Before you install...

Since this app is in beta(testing phase), we STRONGLY suggest you check out the app FAQs before you install.

Free – $95.00 / month
28 days

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