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8. mai 2024

I can't rate Tevello highly enough. It does everything we need and more.

We initially started using Tevello as a way to give customers access to information about online events (zoom link, discussions, certificates of completion). It's been rock solid and reliable from the start. We're also using it as a bit of a backup for Shopify's Digital Downloads app. Even if our customers don't get the email with the download link, they know they can find it in their Members section in Tevello. We really love how easy it is to use. Just create your course, connect it to your product and everything else happens automatically. We also love the feature that lets us hide the Course until we're ready to launch it (people are paying and getting added to the Course, but can't see it until we're ready).

The only problems we've had were due to user error, and the developer was super kind and respectful when helping us figure out where we'd gone wrong. Not only that, he really listens to requests for new features. We're always pleasantly surprised when we go into the app and find new features. One thing I didn't see in the app features that we really love is that you can configure Tevello to send emails from your domain. And he's even looking into adding hosting for videos (it'd be amazing if we didn't have to pay for Vimeo). Tevello really blows all other native Shopify Course apps away. We even prefer it to outside Course services like Thinkific, Teachable, and Udemy (all of which we considered).

iRest Institute
12 måneder bruker appen
16. april 2024

I've been using Tevello for over six months now, and its that good that I have even recommended it to a friend.

The app is easy to add to a Shopify store, and the owner Oh, makes it easier with his super fast responses to any queries. There is also lots of guidance to help you set things up over on the Tevello website.

I love having the option of courses within my shop 'back end' and my customers also really enjoy being able to find what they need in one place.

If you need an app as part of your shop for courses - I also use it for my digital downloads like patterns and planners! - then I can highly recommend the Tevello app!

The Creative Curator
5 måneder bruker appen
1. mai 2024

Absolutely love using the tevello course app! I had been using something else that was so expensive and then I came across this. So easy to use and their customer service is like something I haven't experienced for a long time. At such a reasonable price point, this is the perfect option for the up and coming course creator. Thanks team for such a great app :)

Sleeps and Leaps
9 måneder bruker appen
31. mars 2024

This app is amazing! I started my course and added all of my content. I am building a community and everyone is loving it. The courses look and work well both on mobile and desktop and its just a super good product. The help line is the best I have ever seen which makes all the difference for me. The second I need anything I just get on there and I get an answer and the problem resolved right away. If you are looking at building a online course and community this is the app for you.

Braille Skateboarding
8 måneder bruker appen
25. april 2024

This app exceeded my expectations. It has been an incredible aid in my teaching journey. Not only is it user-friendly, but the support team is phenomenal.

Their response was swift and incredibly helpful whenever I encountered an issue or had a question. Their dedication to ensuring their users have a seamless experience is commendable. I felt supported every step of the way.

Overall, tevello has significantly enhanced my teaching process. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable tool to aid in online teaching.

6 måneder bruker appen
2. mai 2024

Very awesome app and even more awesome support! They fixed a little problem i had in a matter of minutes and were super helpful and even helped with a totally not app-related problem i had!

Great user experience and great customer experience!!

5 måneder bruker appen
21. mars 2024

10 stars wouldn't be enough. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Or at Tevello is genuinely THE most helpful and knowledgeable human in the Shopify-verse. There is nothing he cannot do and is always ready to help and investigate any issue. Not that there are many - this app is FANTASTIC for anyone wanting to offer courses, lessons, private communities, teaching sections, bonuses, quizzes and more. I personally use Tevello for all my courses and memberships - my customers love how user-friendly and easy this app is to use (and so do I!)

LSP Actions by Lemon Sky
8 måneder bruker appen
7. april 2024

Because I'm developing a feature-rich & Community-first website, a lot of customization was needed, as well as the right functionality. I tried using the alternatives, but nothing came close to Tevello in terms of the necessities. I did need additional customization so I contacted the developer through the live chat support and was responded to very quickly and was helped integrate what was needed, as well as guided on customizations I could do on my own.

Definitely recommend to anyone who's building a community on Shopify, as well as selling courses. Great app!

Diet Moonlyte
Rundt 2 måneder bruker appen
6. mars 2024

Love Tevello. I have worked with different LMS applications, and this has everything I need and even looks gorgeous with the ability to customise to your sites theme and brand aesthetics. The very best part is the service, and the support provided not only in response to questions, but in the existing resources including very helpful videos etc. I feel the developer is keen to improve and grow further and this gets me excited. I believe this will be a long partnership. Thank you.

7 måneder bruker appen
18. mai 2024

One of the most highlighted perks of my experience so far with Tevello Courses and Communities is the EXCELLENT customer service. As a new business owner, I still have a lot to learn, therefore I have quite a few questions. Or is available almost immediately for the support chat. He has been 100% helpful and has help me navigate through my website build by patiently explaining how to properly set up certain features. He is very polite and accessible. I am grateful for such a great app developer and a great platform to use it on. Thank you Or, for your amazing customer service. You have a forever customer in me!!

Control Analytics, LLC
6 dager bruker appen