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19 de agosto de 2023

Can't recommend for long term.

The interface is quite easy which is a plus and the support was quick with response.

But the pricing strategy makes me feel cheated. The app is free FOR NOW. But according to support it is going to become PAID, but it's NOT certain when.

So it looks like I will get used to the app, setup my business model around and then I will need to pay a price which I am not sure is going to be fair.

So if you think long term, I would advise being very cautious.

Estados Unidos
15 dias usando o app
Or Moshe deixou uma resposta 20 de agosto de 2023

TLDL: Existing users will be grandfathered to the free plan.


Thank you for your review and for sharing your concerns.

This is a question I get very often and I’ve always been honest and open with my response:

Yes, eventually I plan for it to be a paid app, but I'm not ready for it just yet as I still want to improve it a bit more and add some more features before I start charging for it.

However, I do plan to lock all existing users to the free plan.
As I think it's only fair I'll reward people who supported me and my app in the early days.
This will include all existing and future features.

So if you currently have the app installed while it's still free, it will remain free for you and you will not be charged for it even when it becomes a paid app.

I hope that clears things up for you.