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12. srpen 2021

I really needed something to protect my images and Cozy was the right app for me! I really love that it's free.

Sensational Kreationz
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14. březen 2022

Great App. Thanks for the free option. good for me as i dont have enough budget yet. But its really importent to me.

ZAYA Baby & Child
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19. leden 2021

Just perfect. Nothing to setup, no code, plenty of options easy to understand and switch on/off. Good job!

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24. listopad 2022

buena app la verdad es la primera vez que lo uso, espero no tengo inconvenientes mas adelante. gracias

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31. říjen 2019

Love It. Simple and to the point! When I make creations, I dont want someone to just run off with them, so glad Shopify told me about this.

Inspired Design Clothing and More
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10. duben 2022

pretty great, this is perfect to protect your store, download it now, for be a better dropshipper, enjoy it

Megalopia Ofertas
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22. listopad 2020

I used this app to protect my web of copies and all the images are safe now, thanks to this free app

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11. únor 2021

Thank youuuuuu very much for creating this app! Especially for those who work really hard to create and design.

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9. červen 2022

Literally the easiest app we've had the pleasure of using here. Just install, and done! One less thing to worry about if you're a store in a competitive market.

Alpine Dog Co. ™
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20. říjen 2021

The fastest app ever to install. Only just installed so not sure of performance yet. Thanks for making it so fast and easy to install :)

Naran Lingerie
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