Cozy Announcement Bar & Popup

Cozy Announcement Bar & Popup

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Unlimited notifications templates with fully customizable

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Display Offers using Popup/Bar

Keep shoppers informed about the ongoing offers/discount or show any updates in form of an announcement popup

Improve Reduced Sales

Show discount coupons to your customers to convert them from just visitors to shoppers.

Fully customizable.Easy Setup

Text colors, font sizes, display images, and many customizable options. Match the announcement to your store theme.

Acerca de Cozy Announcement Bar & Popup

What is Cozy Announcement?

The Problem:

The two important key elements for managing customer relationships with your store are Promotions and Special Offers. Informing them with a display popup/bar on your website is a smart and efficient way to achieve this. But creating or showing announcements manually is a tedious job.

How will Cozy Announcements help?

This app will help you create beautiful announcements on your store to show Promotions and Special Offers. Also, show discount coupons using the app since the app provides an extensive editor to create and edit the announcement popups or announcement bar. Your imagination is the limit. Create the popup/bar based on your ideas or to match the theme of your store.


  • Display Offers using Popup or Top Bar
  • The app is easy to install and set up. Does not require any coding know-how
  • Built-in multiple themes
  • Support text, buttons, images
  • Support for modifying multi attributes of an element, such as color, font, content, borders, and size
  • Template Editor to design the announcement to suit your needs.
  • Advanced Custom CSS support for the people who like their control on design and have the necessary knowledge
  • Fully Customizable and Responsive.
  • Responsive, and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile Unlimited number of impressions!

What are the Customization Options in the app?

The app supports many elements needed for an announcement, such as text, button, images; Each element has multiple attributes that can be modified in the very interactive Theme Editor provided in the app, such as color, text content, font family, font size, borders etc. The app also supports Custom CSS for those of you with a strong grasp of CSS Styling.

Have a great sense of design? This app is great for you. You can use your sense of design to create beautiful announcements for your store. If you are not good at design, don't worry, there are a few themes built into the app, you just need to select one of them and start modifying it. We will be updating and adding new themes over time.

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5.0 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Kentaur Australia

This app works really well. Great customer service, will use it again when we need another announcement!

Pastisseria el Cigne

Aplicació genial, senzilla, que fa el que se li demana de forma gratuïta. Permet personalitzar el missatge, color... Recomanda!

PSH Kosmetika

Very useful app! Steve from the support team helped me to customize the announcement by my theme colors and style!