Cozy Geo‑IP Images

Cozy Geo‑IP Images

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Dynamically Change Images based on Geo Locations


Tailored Visitor Experience

Show only tailored banners and images based on the visitor's location for a better and convenient customer experience.

Increase Conversions

Showing relevant images based on each visitor’s geo location will increase conversions more swiftly.

Establish Good Rapport

Customized experience with local images will help the customer establish a good rapport with your brand.

有關 Cozy Geo‑IP Images

What is Geo-IP Images?

A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing. Our love of images lies with our cognition and ability to pay attention. Images can grab our attention easily, we are immediately drawn to them. That is the reason why a good online store always consists of various meaningful and attractive images in the form of banners, sliders or client logos to increase engagement and win the trust of customers.

Geo Images will help you further the customer engagement goal by allowing you to switch those banners, logos as well as any other images automatically based on the customer’s location/region.

How does Geo-IP Images work?

The Geo IP Images app will allow you to automatically change an image based on the location of the visitor. The app will generate a unique image URL which will act as a placeholder for location-based image based on the visitor’s location. The generated image URL can be used on your store or inside any HTML image tag using it as a source.

The app allows you to set up multiple rules for different locations with different images. The app will then dynamically change the images depending on the visitor country selected in the app.

Benefits of using Geo-IP Images

Show unique banner or slider images based on visitor location

Banners or Sliders grab customer’s attention instantly upon visiting the store. Showing unique location-based images in banners or sliders will increase customer engagement to the next level.

Show only relevant Client Logos to visitors based on their location

Adding client logos to your website creates confidence in visitors making them interested in shopping from your store. This can be even more effective if the Client Logos are local to the visitors' region making them quickly recognizable.

Use location-based images to display offers

If you have a multi-national or multi-regional store, you can use this app to customize the coupons and offer images for each visitor using Geolocation Based Images.


Country Based Images

Show images based on the visitor countries from all around the world.

Multiple Geo Images Rules

Create multiple rules in the app with each rule tailored to visitors from specific countries and a different image in each different rule.

Default Image setting for countries with no Geo Images Rules

Configure a default image to be shown if the visitor location does not match any countries selected in the rules.

Dynamic embed code for Images

The app will generate a dynamic embed code for the images which will dynamically update the images based on the rules.

Update Geo Images without updating the embed code

You can update/delete Geo Images from a rule without changing the associated embed code for better feasibility.

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