Crate Bundles

Crate Bundles


Product Bundles, Kits & Smart Recommendations

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Create Bundles allows you to ignite your Average Order Value with Product Bundles and Recommendations.

Smart Recommendations

Enable Smart Recommendations to leverage AI and display complimenting products on your Product pages.

Discount + More

Discount your Product Bundles to incentivise customer conversion and increase your revenue.

Podrobnosti o Crate Bundles

*** FREE APP - Currently in Beta so free to all merchants ***

Want to create Product Bundles and Product Kits? Looking to increase your Average Order Value? Introducing Crate Bundles. With Create Bundles, you can create effective Bundle opportunities using your products and show them right alongside your Product pages. You can offer discounted Bundles and Kits to incentives your customers.


  • Create Product Bundles
  • Create Discounted Product Bundles
  • Create Multiple Bundles per Product
  • Enable Smart Product Recommendations
  • Create Custom Product Recommendations
  • Style Crate Bundles to match your theme


Just install the Crate Bundles App and thats it. Compatible with any theme! If you have any issues, check out the documentation or drop us a support request.

Why Crate Bundles?

Crate Bundles will increase your store's sales and average order value using bundled items and smart recommendations. By offering collections of your catalog as a bundled offer, you can sell more to your customers. Discounting these Bundles is a great way to incentivise the customer also.

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Cottage Toys Canada

I've never seen an app force you to pay more because you pay more for Shopify monthly. The same service and features, but $79 USD per month if you are on Shopify's more expensive plan when most others are

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5. květen 2021

Hi there!

Thanks for your feedback. This is simply down to most advance plans and plus plans having a typically higher traffic count. We’d be happy to look at usage billing on percentage of revenue generated but this on average would result in monthly charges in the 1000’s for high traffic stores. As a result, most merchants are happy with the pricing as we make them a TONNE of revenue.

Thanks for trying us though and good luck! 😊