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19 juillet 2021

The idea behind this app is great, it is exactly what I was looking for: high quality prints with limited edition control, certificates of authenticity and as seamless as possible in terms of being print on demand. Unfortunately in reality the print quality is terrible, the certificate of authenticity looks like a high school project piece and definitely not fitting with a "high end" and limited edition style store. I took the file I printed with them down to my local cheap printing (like costco or a similar supermarket) and the print I got back (exactly the same file) was far better quality than what creativehub sent me. There were scratch marks and white dots on the creative hub print, none on the locally printed one. I really want to like this app, but I've spent way too much time and money trying to make it work properly. It need to sync both ways, if a title is changed in shopify, it needs to be reflected in creativehub. There are so many flaws in this system still unfortunately.

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Modifié le 15 mars 2022

Nice idea. We'd dearly love it to work. But it doesn't work properly. The print quality is very good and people in shipping are great. And they always respond to queries. But the app can be very frustrating and very very very time consuming. To make it work we need three tabs open and to flick to and fro. We'd welcome any suggestions for reliable, high quality alternatives...

Flashbak Shop
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creativehub a répondu 14 mai 2020

Sorry we were having some issues, we have fixed all known bugs now, so if you could please retry we are confident you will be happy.

7 novembre 2018

I really want to like this product. I really want to be able to use it my shop. But wow.. The available art is awful.. Just horrible.. Horrendous.. and I don't even know if those adjectives correctly describe just how bad the selection is. Just to be clear, let's go for inelegant and meaningless and ugly as additional adjectives. I guess I should add some clarification on what I was hoping to find. That would be color harmony, some form of beauty presented in a meaningful way, interesting colorblock abstracts, black and white line drawings or black ink illustrations, and anything botanical or flower themed. Just all around generally crowd pleasing stuff really. The eiffel tower as viewed by someone on acid is not art. "F-you" on valentine candy is definitely not art. And these 2 examples are just the tip of the dirty oil-spill iceberg surrounded by ocean pollution (so to speak). Unless the definition of art can include a photograph of a toilet seat, my shoe rack, and perhaps even my vacuum cleaner, oh, and maybe even the untrimmed weeds in my backyard. I honestly don't want to be harsh. I just really wanted to be able to use this app. Truly. I am actually still in a state of shock by the selection...

the gardener's house
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29 septembre 2018

Brilliant for uploading and selling my photography prints, but currently I have problems with the vendor choice because it's not showing the vendor which the theprintspace uses anymore and also it never saves my changes to a product.

Max's Wildlife Pics
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