Influencer Marketing for your Online Store!

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Make it clear

Don't make your customers remember discount codes! With CreatorHub your customers will always see which code is active.

Easy Installation

Automatic installation on all standard Shopify themes. On other themes we will handle the manual installation for you!

Analyze your Data

Keep track of the sales your Influencer Marketing makes you! Easily see which Creator brought which orders to your store!

关于 CreatorHub

Bring influencer marketing to your online store now! Never force your customers to remember coupon codes again!

Every online store that uses influencer marketing has a big problem with its user experience - customers have to remember the code they saw in an influencer's content until checkout. Many customers are annoyed by this and have to go back to the influencer's content to look up the code. If something gets in the way, the purchase is bound to be abandoned.

With CreatorHub, you can easily improve the user experience of your online store and accurately track the sales of your influencers!

  • Simply add a modal and a bar to your online store. This way your customers will know which code is active at any time!
  • Create sharable links where the code is applied immediately with one click!
  • With all standard Shopify themes the integration works automatically.
  • For all other themes the manual installation is also very easy. Just take a quick look at our documentation or send us a message and we will do the installation for you!
  • In the overview you always have a current daily report about the sales figures of your influencers.
  • Easily set commissions for your influencers and view them in the list. All commissions are always summarized on a monthly basis.

Here's what you can do with CreatorHub:

Onlineshop Integration

  • A bar and modal will be added to your online store. By clicking on the bar, the modal will open and your customers can add a CreatorHub or remove an already applied one.
  • When a customer visits your store via a link with an applied code, the modal opens automatically and shows your customer directly which code is applied and to which influencer it is assigned.
  • The code is saved in the browser so that it is reapplied instantly if there was an interruption.
  • You can easily customize the appearance of the bar and modal in the Shopify Theme Editor!
  • For an exact fit to your theme, you can also add your own CSS. There is a field for this in the Shopify Theme Editor.

Manage Influencer

  • View all your influencer's details at a glance and change them if needed.

Analyze sales figures

  • You can easily view your influencer's sales numbers in detail - staggered by hour, day, month or year.
  • Create your own reports and export them as CSV.






定价 7 天免费试用



  • 300 orders with Creator Codes per month
  • CreatorHub Modal and Bar
  • Analytics and Export
  • Connect existing discounts
  • Quick support response



  • 800 orders with Creator Codes per month
  • All features of the starter plan



  • Unlimited orders with Creator Codes
  • All features of the starter plan
  • Custom Template for your store - made by our professionals

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