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4. Dezember 2023

I really liked having the rewards in my store and having Shopify calculate taxes and VAT according to store settings. Once I understood how to use Crowd Control, it easier to use than BackerKit. The pages my readers went to so that they could confirm rewards looked great. I had access to their beta for their update and there were a few glitches, but the team worked with me to get things fixed. Excellent customer service!

Sara Rosett Books
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4. Dezember 2023

Using Crowd Control has been an absolutely fantastic decision. It has enabled us to bring all of our customers from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo straight into our Shopify store.

I would highly recommend the software and we plan on using it in the future. Thank you to the team behind the app.

Town Mouse Bikes Ltd

Town Mouse Bikes
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3 monate mit der App
8. Juni 2020

I really enjoyed using Crowd Control for my Kickstarter back in 2018 and I know it has only gotten better since then.

Going straight from Kickstarter to Shopify was super valuable when I was managing and full-filling orders 9 months after the Kickstarter was complete. I could place new orders, sell them directly through Shopify POS, and manage all original backers all in one place. So that every order regardless of platform or time were routed through the same system and automatically sent to the distributor for shipping. Way better than managing my backer list, a backer survey, and another e-comm platform and trying to make sure there were no loose ends. Highly recommend!

Topo Game Studio
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14. Oktober 2020

The app does a great job of helping you to get kickstarter customers to enter their reward requests into your shopify site for easy fulfillment processing. The biggest thing to keep in mind is organizing your kickstarter rewards in a way that can be fulfilled without too much back end work. The developer is responsive. Nothing took longer than a day to get adjusted. Multiple emails get sent out, and if the customer doesn't check their email, as is often the case, you can easily give them a link to manually process their order. We've used this on 2 kickstarters so far and I'll happily use it in the future. | WKS USA
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16. Juni 2022

5/5 Stars. We have been using CrowdControl for years, allowing us to manage the fulfilment of 5+ crowdfunding campaigns. The support from the team is amazing (even with the UK time difference). We have used CC from the early days, with the support team setting up GBP currency for us!

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20. Mai 2020

I used this app for 3 Kickstarters for my brand KLOS Guitars and am very happy with how everything went. The biggest benefit is having your backers on your shopify site so you can fulfill from there. The other great benefit is that it's very easy to create a collection and user interface that facilitates upselling. Using this app has helped us upsell over 20% at times, generating tens of thousands in extra revenue. Highly recommend over other similar services like Backerkit or CrowdOx!

KLOS Guitars
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
26. August 2020

We used Crowd Control as a pledge manager for two of our Kickstarters and would definitely recommend them. We started using them before they were in the app store and they have improved a great deal since then. It says a lot about the company, that they are willing to accept feedback and grow. During our second Kickstarter's pledge manager we literally had zero issues, you really can't go wrong with this app.

Having all of our orders go into Shopify was such a great benefit. It saved our company a ton of time not having to input all of that information ourselves.

The pricing for this app is wonderful as well. There are a lot of pledge manager options out there and most of them want to take a chunk out of your total Kickstarter money, which I am personally never ok with. If someone didn't help with the many hours it takes to host a Kickstarter they don't need to be getting a portion of it. Crowd Control only charges a small amount per backer and a percentage of what they upsell. That is fine by me, because they are directly involved in upselling more products & managing backers, and the service is worth it.

Some tips for using Shopify and the Crowd Control pledge manager:

Make sure to deactivate Amazon Pay while the pledge manager is active. You are not allowed to accept money on most pre-orders with Amazon and they will be unhappy if you do. They see Kickstarter items as pre-orders just to clarify, since you don't get the product right away.

If you already have an active Shopify store, make sure to use a tagging app to auto tag orders, and separate the Kickstarter orders from your regular store orders. This will help figure out what you need to ship right away as opposed to when you fulfill.

All of the great features, combined with tech support, and good customer service make this app work so well. I mean it, if you use Shopify or want to use it and launch a successful Kickstarter, definitely use Crowd Control. They will accomplish the job well and save you money in the process.

Dirt Cheap Dungeons
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Bearbeitet am 27. August 2020

The App is quite good, Works well.

We have around 20% of lost emails so made some manual work for sending the links to our backers.

and thanks Jason for taking the time to add a little feature, that's amazing!

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3. September 2020

This was an awesome resource to use as my pledge manager for my kickstarter campaign for a handful of reasons:
1. Very reasonable price
2. Great customer support
3. I got to direct traffic to my website instead of a third party website
4. Visually pleasing
5. Intuitive interface with easy instructions

Highly recommend.

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9 monate mit der App
26. August 2020

We looked at several companies to manage our Kickstarter backers. Crowd Control's low cost was the deciding factor but the great customer service and guidance we experienced was top notch. We would definitely use them again!

Kickstarter Survey: T2 Iso-Trainer
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