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Crowd Visibility - Funding Tracker

Crowd Visibility - Funding Tracker

Developed by SeedCMS.com

12 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Track and share real-time sales-based product donations
  • Increase sales by promoting donation progress with customers
  • Build confidence in customers by letting them know that their purchase serves a good cause

Promote your cause by sharing real-time sales-based donation funding and increase buyer confidence and sales with this simple yet powerful tool.

What it does

Fund Tracker allows shop owners to track sales-based product donations through this simple yet powerful and effective tool. The app allows users to display donation amounts based on a percentage of each sale or a flat dollar amount. Using this app will give customers the confidence to buy knowing that their purchase serves a good cause which will in turn increase sales and develop a loyal customer base.

Start tracking funds in three easy steps:

  • 1. Install the app from Shopify

  • 2. Choose which products you are donating proceeds from (you can track as many products as you want)

  • 3. Add the widget onto your website

Two ways to track donations

  • 1. Track All Store Sales

  • 2. Track unlimited products to raise money for several causes

Multiple Tracking Options

  • 1. Track By Date Range

  • 2. Track Lifetime sales

  • 3. Track Sales donations automatically or manually

Multiple Donation Settings to choose from

  • 1. Donate a fixed amount of each sale

  • 2. Donate a percentage of each sale

  • 3. Donate a unit of each sale

Show extra information about your cause in our widget

  • 1. Large hero image

  • 2. Widget title

  • 3. Cause description

  • 4. Cause website link

Real World Examples

Ring Around -
Crowd Funding Jewelry Ideas -


Product Widget

Global Widget

Free App Installation
If you're not comfortable installing apps just let us know and we'll install it for you.

Crowd Visibility - Funding Tracker reviews

12 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

This was a great addition to our website! It's clean, user-friendly, and effectively shows how much money has been donated. Would highly recommend if you're looking for something similar :)


Do not waste your time with this. The design and overall implementation of this could not be much worse. It will be easier to write and implement your own version, there are several documents out there explaining it and this takes it and tosses all the good things to the side and sticks with the bad.

If you are willing to learn how to work this app and make it look the way you want it to, you also have time to learn how to do this on your own and not waste your money.


Absolutely worthless tutorial video.


The Portuguese Bakery is happy with the app. Had a bit of a hiccup only because it was somthing spacific i need and it was resolved in timely fashion. I recomend the app as it has status bar you can display the progress of your crowd funding. So far excellent


I have asked for help several time without any assistance. Can you please help me resolve my issue. The tool does not appear on my product page. Not sure what is wrong as I installed the code correctly.


Awful. The quantities it provides in its per-product trackers are wildly inaccurate, and I have NO idea how the global tracker's quantities are being provided/calculated because they don't line up with any permutation of product sales I've offered.

The app installed in my shop is now in a state where I literally cannot use it; I just keep getting asked to approve a charge and whether I approve or decline, I end up being asked about the charge again.

When contacting support, help has been conditional on providing the developers with admin access to our shop to "take a look". I don't know whether to blame Shopify and their APIs or SeedCMS directly, but that's an unacceptable circumvention of security and access control (especially given the limited scope of data provided to this application).

And as a paying customer of what should be a RELATIVELY SIMPLE TOOL, the amount of time I've spent waiting for some sort of resolution is unacceptable. Look elsewhere for a service to provide a tracking widget for your sales/donations/etc.


Great app and most important to me is the outstanding support provided. I look forward to see what this app can do for my business!


Great application, I'll still working on the implementation but this could be a game changer for social good sites. These guys provided the 'best' customer service on the Internet. I'm super impressed with how they partner with us. Thanks Crowd Visibility!!


Functionality is great, and the customer service is top notch. The developer replied to my email within less than 20 minutes every time, which is completely insane.

I even requested a 'track all' feature and he implemented it the night of my request. I'm sure it'd been in the pipeline for a little while but that was really amazing.

Additionally I had a bit of trouble styling the CSS and the developer was glad to help, truly epic customer service.

I'd recommend this app to anyone. The price seems really reasonable compared to other apps here as well.


We really love this app, because of it's simplicity and functionality. SeedCMS and specifically, Robert were super-fast at responding to our questions and requests. The app does exactly what it is supposed to do and we had no trouble loading it. Highly recommended and we can't wait for them to release updates or other apps.


$10.00 / month
5 days

Support & Sales

1 (949) 342-4159
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