Crowd Control Pledge Manager

Crowd Control Pledge Manager

door Crowd Control

Survey backers, manage pledges, and ship rewards

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Survey & Sell More

Use your store to collect shipping and product details from backers and increase sales.

Deliver Faster

Access the world's best fulfillment solutions to ship faster and cheaper.


Traffic to your website can help grow brand awareness, gain social media followers, build valuable marketing data, and more.

Over Crowd Control Pledge Manager

Crowdfunding? You need Crowd Control.

Get the most out of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign by using your online store to collect shipping addresses and product details from backers, sell more and optimize fulfillment. Run your business like a business, that’s our motto.


Crowd Control provides a payment-free checkout to backers based on your specifications and store settings, allowing them to create an order for their pledged items and purchase additional products as wanted.

Customizable email templates and survey pages combined with Shopify’s resources for fulfillment and order management means you get greater control for your business than with any other pledge management or survey solution.

Go further after funding

Your business will profit from much more than just increased sales by using your store to manage backers and ship rewards. Crowd Control helps you access the world’s best business solutions to:

  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Gain social media followers
  • Optimize order and customer management
  • Expand fulfillment options
  • Build valuable marketing data
  • Create referral programs
  • Conduct market research
  • Advertise
  • Grow mailing lists
  • And more

How does it work?

A collection page featuring reward and add-on products should be created by the store to represent each pledge level and serve as the survey and landing page for the designated backers. Crowd Control imports product data from these collections to create and deliver discount or gift card codes to backers based on the checkout costs (i.e. price + shipping) for product quantities defined by you for each pledge level.

Unless payment for shipping is required, surveys provide a payment-free checkout when a backer selects only the items defined by you. Payment for add-on items is captured through your store’s standard payment gateways. All surveys completed at checkout are created as orders on your store.

Shipping and fulfillment

Since each backer survey is created as an order on your store, you can save time and money by using your preferred fulfillment solutions to purchase postage and ship rewards. Order and shipping confirmation emails are automatically sent to backers using your established workflow.

Integreert met

  • Kickstarter,
  • Indiegogo

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Externe kosten kan van toepassing zijn. Deze kosten worden gefactureerd door de externe provider en verschijnen niet op je Shopify-factuur.

Gratis te installeren

$.25/backer + 5% add-on commission

5.0 van 5 sterren

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This was an awesome resource to use as my pledge manager for my kickstarter campaign for a handful of reasons:
1. Very reasonable price
2. Great customer support
3. I got to direct traffic to my website instead of a third party website
4. Visually pleasing
5. Intuitive interface with easy instructions

Highly recommend.


The App is quite good, Works well.

We have around 20% of lost emails so made some manual work for sending the links to our backers.

and thanks Jason for taking the time to add a little feature, that's amazing!

Kickstarter Survey: T2 Iso-Trainer

We looked at several companies to manage our Kickstarter backers. Crowd Control's low cost was the deciding factor but the great customer service and guidance we experienced was top notch. We would definitely use them again!