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2. Februar 2022

This app is perfect for my business model and Julian went above and beyond with the customer service in answering all the questions and customizing the my needs- thank you so much. I am looking forward to using this app actively for my business.

14 tage mit der App
11. April 2017

Great and timely support. Amazing app that really extends functionality on the Shopify platform. Thank you Kurt for such a great app that allows us to fund future products.

Drink Neu
Vereinigte Staaten
13 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 5. März 2019

I am currently in the free trial stage with this app and so far I love it + will download! For our store, we will be using it for a less conventional purpose. Customer support has been monumental in the install and customization of this app for our store.

I look forward to future developments of this app like crowdfunding for a grouping or bundle of products and being able to enter in any contribution amount. (Crowdfunding towards a total goal as opposed to each contributor purchasing a quantity of a product or variant).

I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who's thinking about it especially because the customer support is so responsive and helpful.

Wisdom Supply Co.
Vereinigte Staaten
11 tage mit der App
19. August 2019

Works great. Easy to set up and install, no issues running a campaign. We just did a pre-order that surpassed our Black Friday weekend. Customers love seeing how they can contribute. My only suggestion would be to add items such as 'stretch-goals.'

Popov Leather
9 tage mit der App
10. Mai 2017

Kurt is the best when it comes customer service!
Also amazing apps for crowdfunding.

Vereinigte Staaten
6 tage mit der App
26. Juli 2021

A good app that does what it advertises. I tried it and it turned out we needed something a bit different. I did much appreciate the honest reminder mail to unsubscribe before the trial ran out. Not like a lot of "free trials" that are only intended to fool you into letting the "free" part lapse.

6 tage mit der App
31. März 2021

Amazing support from Kurt, he went way beyond my expectations. Always looking to help and very honest, he will tell you right away if the APP meets your requirements. Highly recommended.

5 tage mit der App
Ethercycle hat geantwortet 1. April 2021

Thank you!

Bearbeitet am 31. März 2020

Just downloaded the app and started using it. So far, my experience with this app is that it is easy to install and create campaigns.

Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
16. März 2017

I really like this app. I just finished testing it out for a couple of days with a last-minute-first-ever-pre-order-sale, having no knowledge or experience with pre-order sales. It was really straight-forward, and easily customizable. (I perfectly matched the ticker color to an ink color in a t-shirt I was using it for, and it looked great.) I love that it doesn't look spammy too.

Now that I know it works well, and how to use it, I plan on incorporating into a routine for new design drops after vacation, and ad optimization.

I did not need assistance, but did receive some friendly, non-annoying emails from the developer, informing me he was there to help if needed.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the free trial, so you can get a feel for it, and realize its potential. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

Vereinigte Staaten
2 tage mit der App
1. Oktober 2020

Easy to use. I am trying how professionally the site looks like so there is more reliability for supporters to fund.

Wittman Japan
23 minuten mit der App