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4 de enero de 2021

The app is not opening from Applications menu, I'm not sure its working properly, apparently not... I was excited about not having to compress images manually, but it seems to have stopped working
6 meses usando la aplicación
Space Squirrel Ltd. respondió 13 de enero de 2021

Sorry to hear that you had trouble with accessing our app! We've tried to contact you multiple times regarding this but have not heard back from you. Our app has not experienced any downtime and it sounds like it may have been a localized browser issue. We'd love to help you get this sorted out ASAP so please contact us at

If anyone ever has trouble accessing our app, make sure browser cookies are enabled, try clearing your browser's cache and restarting the browser.

We hope to hear from you soon,
-Dom, Co-Founder

29 de julio de 2017


Corea del Sur
5 meses usando la aplicación
22 de noviembre de 2020

I was suggested to use this app by a Shopify rep. They obviously work together to get business to one another. The app made my website slower. I cancelled it and asked for a refund but was denied because the app already minimized pics supposedly... Then they charged me a second time and I can't get my $$ back. Don't be fooled by the fake 5 star reviews from robots or the companies staff members

Estados Unidos
12 días usando la aplicación
Space Squirrel Ltd. respondió 10 de diciembre de 2020

We're really sorry that you didn't enjoy using our app! We can go into detail on each point for you:

1. Shopify does not endorse any specific apps. Shopify Gurus are tasked with recommending apps they feel match the merchant's needs and often they recommend different image compression apps.

2. Regarding the website speed, our app isn't capable of making websites slower. In the worst case scenario, your speed would remain exactly the same. That's because when we compress an image, the worst that can happen is that it stays the same size and you don't save any loading time. That is really rare but it can happen. In addition, if you want to test this more, you can actually restore your images to their original size within 30 days of the original compression date to test all this.

3. Regarding a second charge, we did a thorough look into this with Shopify Billing team and could not find a second charge.

4. For our app reviews, we work really hard for our merchants and any sort of review "foul play" is against the Shopify App Store terms and conditions. We do not buy, generate, or create any reviews, in any form. They are all legitimate merchants who have enjoyed using the app and I'm really sorry you didn't get the same experience with our app.

If you have any further questions, or if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to re-establish contact with us.

-Dom, Co-Founder

15 de junio de 2018

So far I don't see a difference in our website's performance and we paid for a premium upgrade. You can check your website's performance here - see before and after and you will see no difference after. I'd love the makers of this app to let me know if we are missing something.

Estados Unidos
4 días usando la aplicación