Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

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19 recensies
23 juli 2022

I paid for the application and didn't used it. Have talked to there team about the refund they said they will do it, but it's been over 1 month and shopify still charges me with that money.
please refund me back the amount as i have talked to you guys about this before also. i also have the screenshots but there is no place to upload that. help me with the refund please

SASA Originals
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17 juni 2022


Hongkong SAR van China
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 uur
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 24 augustus 2022

We're really sorry to hear that you had trouble using our app! We've worked really hard to make the app easy to use. We've tried contacting you multiple times to try and help you with your set-up, but we haven't heard back. If you or any merchant ever has any questions or needs help, we can always be reached at

9 augustus 2021

I have used this and not only it didn't help but it also lowered my score from 90 desktop and 80 mobile to24

Fashion Fanz
App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 28 september 2021

Hello - We're really sorry that you didn't enjoy using our app, however, we can assure you that is not responsible for a drop in page speed. The app is not adding any code to your theme. It simply replaces images directly on Shopify (images are still served from Shopify servers) - and only if images are smaller than the original. If compression can't lower the file size, it won't touch the original image (it shows as "Already compressed" in the app).

Google PageSpeed is very complex, there are literally 100s of different things that can cause a drop in score. The best way to figure out what caused it - is to read results. I am looking now at your score ( - showing 90/100 & 99/100 for mobile & desktop. That's great!

We're not sure what made you think that caused a drop - we often see huge drops due to 3rd party apps that are injecting Javascript into the page. If those apps have some issues with their own servers, your score might get hit.

We've tried contacting you at least 3 times now and have not received a reply. Please reach out to us any time at, so we can help you.

Thank you,
Dom, Co-Founder

19 december 2020

In order to show that it has any value, like any other service in 2020, it has a free version. However, to see the value, it forces you to *manually* point and click 2 different buttons for each image you want to compress (to only get a 1-5% decrease in size, in my case). I did all this, took me one hour until I reached their 25MB free limit. Then I re-checked my site's speed score on both Shopify and Google PageSpeed Insights - it didn't change one bit. I will recheck tomorrow, if the score gets better I'll update my review. If it doesn't they really deserve 1* for putting their potential customers through this and/or not knowing how to show the value.

App gebruikt gedurende 14 dagen
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 13 januari 2021

Hi there - We're really sorry that you didn't enjoy using our app! We've tried to contact you multiple times but haven't heard back from you. We offer the free plan as a trial of our app. It's a way to get to know to interface and see if the app will work for your purposes.

Image compression is one part about helping your site's speed, but it's also about increasing your SEO ranking. Stores with compressed images will in time grow faster on search engine sites because search engines like Google prefer to show sites that are well organized and quick to load. On that note, while some users may not actually see a change in the site speed score, your images will still load faster and this still will help with your SEO rank over time, as Google crawls your store over and over.
As well, not all site speed issues, especially relating to site speed score, can be fixed by image compression. Stores have apps and scripts that also slow down their site. I'd highly recommend having a look at our Help Centre at the guide titled "Common Site Speed Questions."

I am really sorry you did not enjoy using the free version of our app. I hope some of the above clarifies this because, like I say, there are a lot of factors involved and sometimes images are not the issue causing a low site speed score.
Please reach out with any questions at so we can help you.
-Dom, Co-Founder

Bewerkt 28 mei 2020

Great App. I use this app for first time and had a significant improvement on loading speed for my website. I recommend it.

App gebruikt gedurende 8 maanden
14 januari 2020

App did not work. for me at all. When I attempted to compress my photos it would keep saying retry and would never compress the images. I tried the automatic compression and it still wouldn't work. Waist of time and money. Also, it will only compress product images, not blog post images.

Handmade Haven
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 21 minuten
8 januari 2020

I've used this app on my store , after compressing the images, all the images on the website appeared super blurry. I've restored the original images and deleted the app, yet the images still appear super blurry!

Queue Jumper
Verenigd Koninkrijk
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 6 uur
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 23 januari 2020

We're sorry to hear that you've had this trouble with your site but this was definitely not a problem with On your homepage, you had images being shown at 50x50px and our app cannot change the physical dimension of an image. We've tried to contact you on two email threads multiple times but have not heard back from you. Something had been changed in your theme and your template was rendering the wrong image sizes. This has nothing to do with as our app doesn't change any template files.
We're happy to answer more questions and you can contact us anytime at

Bewerkt 14 september 2019

It actually made my load time worse!! From 4.8s to 8.8s! Would not recommend using this app for your store

Tokoro Cases
App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 7 november 2019

Hi there,

We're really sorry that you had trouble with your site loading speed. Our entire business is speeding websites up, so we naturally take this type of matter very seriously.

Immediately after hearing of your site speed degradation, we conducted a thorough investigation of your site. On Pingdom Website Speed Test, we saw a load time of 1.5 seconds and the longest loading elements were not images but rather other apps you had installed.

It appeared that did exactly what it was supposed to (reduced overall image file size) and your speeds are now well faster than average from what we can see.

After bringing these findings to your attention; you confirmed, agreed and promised to revise your review accordingly. Sadly (after numerous attempts to contact you) we haven’t heard anything since then.

We appreciate it can be a complicated process troubleshooting the root cause of problems like this, and we do hope everything is still running smoothly with your site. If you have any further questions, or if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to re-establish contact with us.

-Dom, Co-Founder

19 april 2019

Did not work well, images became very pixelated. We deleted app immediatedly. Can not recommend this at all.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 7 dagen
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 23 juli 2019

Hi there,

We're really sorry that you had trouble with our app. We were able to get your images onto a lower compression method which solved your image quality issue. However, we sent you 4 follow up emails and never heard back from you.

We would love to make sure you got what you needed out of the app or if you need something else, please email us at

-Dom, Co-Founder

3 april 2019

Wow! Took days to "compress" and didn't do a thing. I thought maybe there was some issue, so I wrote support. They are nothing but smoke and mirrors and why their product doesn't work with a bunch of BS that if I wasn't in SEO, I would probably have fallen for. Beware! They try to sell other people's services that I would really run from, based on how snake-like their Customer Service was. I understand site speed and I know my tools. I am working on all aspects of the site's speed and can certainly tell when the images are fixed. I know there are parts that I cannot control and don't need to be told that, when asking why the images are not compressed.
Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 4 dagen
Space Squirrel Ltd. heeft geantwoord 17 mei 2019

Hi there,

We are very sorry to hear that you experienced problems with our app. We value this type of feedback and take it very seriously.

After thoroughly investigating the problem, we found that the cause was related to incorrect image dimensions in the templates of your theme. We have advised you via email that this can be easily corrected by changing a liquid tag in your templates but have yet to hear back.

We also checked your Shopify store with the Google PageSpeed Tool and confirmed that all your images are compressed as expected.

We take pride in providing efficient and friendly customer service. We are sorry that you didn’t give us the opportunity to help you further by email.

If you'd like to pick up the conversation you can always reach us through our support email,

-Dom, Co-Founder