Format My Fuzzy CSV

Format My Fuzzy CSV

by Friendly Scraper

CSV's from wholesalers will be formatted correctly for imports

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Products from wholesaler CSV's

Convert CSV's you get from any wholesaler into Shopify importable file! No more copy paste! No need to write code!

Group similar products as one

Wholesaler CSV's generally have one variant per line. The app will detect similar lines and group them as variants of the same product.

Process thousands at once

The app is very fast, it only takes a couple seconds to process thousands of products! You can now dramatically increase your inventory.

About Format My Fuzzy CSV

Convert wholesaler CSV's into Shopify bulk import format

  1. Admin panel app
  2. Upload the wholesaler CSV
  3. Provide a mapping of which wholesaler column matches to which Shopify column
  4. Converts the file in seconds for tens of thousands of product!
  • Shopify bulk import CSV needs one line per variant image
  • Wholesaler CSV is usually one line per variant with multiple images
  • The app lets you add up to two images per variant

Wholesaler data is often fuzzy and inaccurate, and the app handles those cases gracefully. The app will try to find products that have the similar product names with added variants such as color and size. If the product names have variant values in them, they will be removed. It works like magic!

If a product has three lines with Color as a variant key:

  1. One line has empty color
  2. One line has Purple
  3. One line has Black

Only the lines 2 and 3 will be included in the resulting CSV. Even if there are bad data in wholesaler CSV's, bad rows will be dropped so you don't have bad data in your store!

Sometimes the wholesaler data has the variant name in its product name:

  • product name - Mermaid Charm Anklet Silver
  • product variant - Color: Silver

  • product name - Mermaid Charm Anklet Gold

  • product variant - Color: Gold

The app will smartly recognize that two products are the same, even though the product names are different!

The app can process thousands of items in mere seconds. It is a must have if you run a large scale operation with lots of sources for products! Add thousands of products to your inventory!

Your data is never saved in any persistent way. Your data is held in the servers while the data formatting is performed, and subsequently wiped out. By using this app, you certify that you gained the data you input into the app completely legally. The app is not responsible for any problems associated with the sale of (or lack of) products that came from data formatted by this app.

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Overall rating
4.0 of 5 stars
Based on 8 reviews

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Most recent reviews

The Critter Closet

This app has not functioned at all. Just gives error messages. And does not convert or download csv files. Worthless

Sportswear 4 Pets

I love this app; until today when it won't work. I can't find a way to reach the creator, so I hope leaving a message here will get this fixed quickly.
This is the Application error:
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command
heroku logs --tail

Developer reply

November 14, 2019

Please send us a message from the Contact form in the app. Reviews are usually not checked on regular basis.

Magie di Natale

An app that simplifies your life. I solved the problem of importing images since many suppliers supply the url in a horizontal way while shopify accepts them vertically on the csv. Thanks