Order's up! CSV File Upload

Order's up! CSV File Upload

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Easily create draft orders from a single CSV file!

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Orders from Spreadsheet

Your customers have many ways of submitting orders. Use the flexibility of spreadsheets to organize your order, then upload it to Shopify.

Custom Items

If a line item on your spreadsheet doesn't match with anything in your store, our app will create the custom line item for you.

Draft Orders

Our app quickly generates a Draft Order. Therefore, you can add customers, discounts, and send invoices once the order is uploaded.

有關 Order's up! CSV File Upload

Order Upload Help

Use this app to create draft orders quickly and easily from existing .csv files. There are a few requirements before you begin.


  • All of the Products and/or Product Variants in your store must have a sku. This sku will be used in your .csv file.
  • Your CSV file must contain headings.

*Support for using the Variant ID of a product variant is coming soon.*

Naming fields

The headers of your CSV file can be named anything you want. You will map the headers to one of four fields, after you upload your file; SKU, Title, Quantity and Price.

Required fields

The only required field is the SKU. Your CSV file must contain at least one column containing the SKU. The app will attempt to find products in your store that correspond with the provided SKU. If no products are found, then a custom line item is used on the order.

Optional fields

Title, Price, and Quantity are all optional fields.


The title is an optional field. When a corresponding product can not be found for the given SKU, it will use the provided title and create a custom line item on the Draft Order.


When the price is supplied in the .csv file it will be used when creating the draft order. The value in the price column must be less than the price of the Product Variant, since it uses the discount system built into Shopify. When the price is not supplied, the price of the corresponding product is used from your store. When a corresponding product can not be found for a given SKU and a Price is not supplied, it defaults to $1. You can always change this when the Draft Order is created.


This is used to set the quantity of the products on the order. When the quantity is not provided in the CSV file, it will default to a quantity of 1. You can always change this after the Draft Order is created.

Custom Pricing with Order Apps

If you would like to apply custom pricing (i.e. wholesale), you can upload and create a Draft Order, then add the customer to the draft order and apply pricing from the Actions bar using another third party application.



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  • Upload orders via CSV files
  • Custom header mapping
  • Custom line items
  • Custom pricing and discounts
  • Unlimited order length
  • Customer support

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Very easy to install,and worked immediately with test orders. It's great for our requirements for entering large draft orders.