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1. Mai 2020

I still didn't get the instructions to unlist a product so I could add it back with my price. I had to delete a product from my store because my wasn't added and cj won't let me re add the product.

Top Notch 2K
Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 3. Mai 2020

Sincere sorry for your bad experience. You can "disconnect" the product on CJ. Then, connect it to your store again. Hope it works.
Besides, we don't recommend "unlist" products in your store. Because we will lose the connection between CJ and your store. You can "edit" it to change a price or something else.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your agent or us by Email. We will try our best to solve your problems ASAP.
Best wishes!

Bearbeitet am 18. April 2021

CJDropshipping is far superior to any of the other dropshipping companies I have dealt with! Not only do they have 24/7 support just a click away, but they also get orders shipped to the USA in about 7-10 days. That is unheard of without an agent. If your nitch isn't on CJ submit a sourcing request and see if they can find it. It is well worth your time! UPDATE:
While I still believe my previous review to be mostly true, I have run into a situation in which I no longer have CJ Dropshipping installed in my store. What happened is one of my customers was sent the wrong product. The customer sent me an email with the picture of the item, which is different from the product ordered, I sent the photo to CJ to request a refund for the wrong product. I thought it would be no big deal, but I was wrong. Instead of covering their mistake and issuing the refund, they accused me of photoshopping the item to look incorrect. My store is still in its infancy and while I don't have a lot of orders at this time, I do not wish nor have time to deal with this in the future when my store starts doing more volume.

Questing Nerds
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6 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 19. März 2021

Thank you for your feedback. CJ is always dedicated to offering better service and helping every dropshipper from start to success. Have a nice day!

20. Mai 2021

getting worse day by day, gave it a chance couldnt handle 30 order with shipping time, had order 10-11 days not shipped, made me lose money all together

My private general store
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4 monate mit der App
7. Juni 2023

Almost every product I have ordered (was shown with stock) is not available. It is super frustrating that they tell you it is out of stock, when you already received orders.

Timeless Bags
2 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 7. Juni 2023

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Could you please tell us your CJ ID and the order number? This is our contact way: Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.

23. April 2021

Products sync straight into active on my store before I can edit even the price. I order some products and they were so cheap quality, even Walmart has better clothing that what arrived. I ordered a suit with the words love on the sleeves and pants and was shocked at the quality, I can not even explain what fabric it is. I ordered a jumpsuit printed with flowers : it has an open from the knees to the feet and tight up at the bottom, it was not finished, the sewing was sort of exposed zigzag and fabric terribly cheap. The jeans jumpsuit that looked ok but so tight on the foot hole, never got my feet through (I am size 5-1/2 and skinny type) - they sent a swimming suit instead of a dress. When I called for complain, the guy said I should by more expensive items because the quality be better.
Ok, I get that, but I can not buy one of each item for a store to test quality and still wait 30 DAYS FOR DELIVERY. I am not sure what people are so happy with this. Also, it came in a plastic bag so tight , they don’t even bother to make a plastic with bubbles in case it get wet or ripped on logistics. I am very concerned to put out my name and have this company mess it up. Yes they answer question, it’s good customer service, the product on the other hand, not so good.

Kind League
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 24. April 2021

Thank you for your feedback! Your approval is our motivation.

6. März 2021

The interface looks good, but they have too many bugs with manage inventory with Shopify. I spoke more than once with the support and explained that the inventory management is incorrect, for example, there is a product (SKU-CJJJCWGY03637) that managed by CJ in my Shopify store and it shows that the quantity is 9000, and on the CJ website it shows that there is 0 quantity that’s mean the CJ management inventory can let me sell a product that they don’t have !! I can’t rely on this service. They have big potential but I can’t trust them, and I spent too much time speaking with the support team without any fix.

Barak's Puppy
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 7. März 2021

Hi there, I just checked the product of SKU CJJJCWGY03637, inventory in Britain and US warehouse show 84 and 53, if you are having problems in syncing inventory on your shopify store, please find:
CJ customer support never ingnores any email sent to us to inquire, maybe your email has filtered our replies to your spam box.

Bearbeitet am 23. Juni 2021

My agent is really helpful. However, the way CjDropshipping notified the change of shipping price is awful. They asked me to pay an extra of 39USD for my parcel, which leaves me no profit at this point. Got no option but to cancel the order. Very frustrating.

Dazzy Toys
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 20. Mai 2021

Thank you for your feedback! Your approval is our motivation.

4. Dezember 2021

The wierd thing is that most of the comments are thanks to the customer service representatives with names, this is suspicious , really Haha

Doggy Wuffy
6 tage mit der App
14. Dezember 2020

The app makes it difficult to do good business because the freight is very expensive. Overall it is well organized, but expensive compared to others, perhaps worth more to those who work with dollar or euro.
Etwa 14 stunden mit der App
CJDropshipping hat geantwortet 14. Dezember 2020

Hi, sorry for your bad experience. If you have any problems with us, you're welcome to contact our support by email or online chat. Email: Chatroom: Hope it helps.