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9 de noviembre de 2023

I ordered mid august & by mid September the package sat for over 2 weeks at the local delivery station due to “weather delay” . When I reached out to them they let me know tjay the package was lost & that they emailed the company to let them know as well. Reached out to customer support to file a dispute for my package & now it’s mid November & I’ve had to file a dispute with my bank because they’ve STOLEN MY MONEY AT THIS POINT . After even getting proof themselves that my package was lost , they refused to refund me & instead wanted me to pay them MORE MONEY to reship it from china again FOR THEIR FUCK UP . After letting them know I already reported them for fraud & disputed their charge to my bank , they blocked my Cj account completely .

Bee Stylish Boutique
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación
27 de octubre de 2023

I wouldn't suggest using this platform. The prices are much higher compared to AliExpress or Xendrop. Shipments are consistently delayed, and about 70% of the time, they request additional money for shipping after you've already paid the initial shipping cost. They seldom issue refunds for order problems, and they even blocked my account when I tried to dispute a payment after they repeatedly refused to refund me. Now, I'm switching to more professional and superior platforms.

Blak Hom
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
21 de octubre de 2023

Since beginning 2023 I started my store. Now October I went to do a test purchase on 10/13 and after logging into CJ the order was no where to be found. The order was automatically marked fulfilled in Shopify only to be not available in CJ. After 2 hours of trying to find the order, the wrong order was synced to the account from another app. In 5 minutes after un-susccessful attempts to get product synced to store after being told after 'listing' item you have to still 'connect' it to the store the correct order still was in 'Invalid order' spite being a CJ drop ship item. I decided to delete the account because the order could not be fulfilled through there wacky & overly complicated system. It shouldn't not have taken 2 hours of screen shots of the product I was trying to do a Test order on. The agents were unhelpful and incapable of resolving the problem. They only send you to FAq's instead of communicating because of there limited English and reading skills. I wasted 6 months and 2 hours, no more.

Lilac love
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando la aplicación
4 de noviembre de 2023

I have delisted all products from CJ Shipping. They have taken over a week to ship several orders with no communication. We had to submit a request asking why it has not shipped. They just say 'oh, sorry, it will ship in a few days' .

Palm Beach Outlet Shop
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
12 de octubre de 2023

Horrible experience. Full of delays and bad information resulted in very angry customer, chargebacks, bad review spams.

If I could give 0 star I would.

Had 3 problems with them when it came to bad information the worst one is as follows. I ordered a product wihch was stuck in transit and had a invalid last mile tracking number. After asking them whats happened they gave me a random one which was created on the day and hasn't moved for 2 months. After talking to support for over 2 weeks they kept just saying wait and after complaining to them they told me to open a ticket. The ticket took 2 more weeks of them saying wait and after complaing to them they told me to get the refund I need to open a dispute. Finally after opening a dispute I though it would be fast. But no I was wrong after 2 more weeks they are just message me "sorry, we're still waiting" after everything i ask.

Reino Unido
3 meses usando la aplicación
17 de noviembre de 2023

This app literally took orders from other companies and tried to fullfill them, so a printify order was taken by them, and the cost from china would have been insane. I chatted with their reps and when i told them I only wanted them to fullfill orders for products that I listed thru their site they said " we will look into it to see if that can be done." I deleted their app without waiting for the answer. It befuddles me how they can get so many good reviews with this type of activity.
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 14 horas usando la aplicación
21 de diciembre de 2023

worest app ever doesnt work lags dont waste your time

Reino Unido
6 días usando la aplicación
6 de enero de 2024

me encanta la variedad de productos si no fuese por la pésima atención
de "Arlene Long" que ha desistido de ayudarme porque yo no sé inglés apreciándose la poca paciencia que le quedaba de tratar conmigo terminó por cortar de repente el chat sin poder escribirle más.
Me parece una desconsideración porque yo no se ingles y estaba con el traductor y con ella al mismo tiempo me gusta la aplicación pero me es imposible sincronizar un auto pedido que he realizado para comprobar el articulo y como se tramitan los pedidos cosa que sigo sin tener solucion

6 días usando la aplicación
21 de octubre de 2023

I recently began using CJdropshipping, and my experience with the service has left me feeling rather unsatisfied. The "account manager" assigned to me has not been very helpful, providing brief, uninformative responses to my inquiries. It's akin to conversing with an inexperienced individual who offers one-word answers and fails to guide me towards effective solutions.

Reino Unido
23 días usando la aplicación
9 de septiembre de 2023

Looks like very poor app. Its free to install and use but thats only 1 profit. I tried to conneckt my store, I had account on CJ for few months now, and when tried "log in" it just says " sorry, you are not logged in". Lol. Also their terms of use are a bit weird. No responsability for almost nothing. You got scammed via their platfor or similar looking site? - your problem. Bad quality of produckt / fail in manufacture - your problem. Produckts description: material - cloth. What the H is "CLOTH" lol.

4 meses usando la aplicación