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Fecha de modificación: 8 de octubre de 2023

I'm sorry, i have to change my review. The customer service is great until they have your money. After that you have to completely be on your own. It's like if you don't pay or buy, you won't get any help.

4 meses usando la aplicación
14 de agosto de 2023

DONT USE!!! you cannot copy tracking numbers off the mobile app on iphone. secondly the user interface is very poor, confusing and hard to use. Additionally shipping is incredible expensive and almost never as fast as advertised. it is very hard to link it to your store and theres often fulfilment issues. the tracking information is very basic and never registers properly on shopify for whatever reason. And if you make a mistake in the shipping information it can take up to 2 weeks to change regardless of if your "agent" knows about it. And if you miss the expiry date your money will vanish into thin air with no refund available. I even had one order fail border security and sent back to the manufacturer without any notification. The amount of customers that won't do business with me again becuase of cj shipping issues would be massive i regret ever signing up.
"the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"
just pay the extra to get a professional dropshipping service, don't bother with this.
I lost $80 because i made a mistake with an orders address however i was unable to fix my mistake for 2 weeks and it slipped my mind, it then expired without any notification or warning my $80 vanished with no refund available. they then offered a $2 coupon on my next purchase after i called them out in their shortcomings... it's clear money comes before customer service and customer relations with this lot. try to find someone who actual cares and values relationships over $80... i will never purchase with them again.

Chook Warehouse
10 meses usando la aplicación
CJDropshipping respondió 15 de agosto de 2023

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Could you please tell us your CJ ID and the order number? This is our contact way: Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.

4 de febrero de 2024

I can't even sign into the CJdropshipping site with my shopify account

Estados Unidos
9 minutos usando la aplicación
25 de diciembre de 2023

os produtos são muito mais caros que na aliexpress, shopee etc

Minha loja
33 minutos usando la aplicación
19 de febrero de 2024

Worst thing you can do for your store
- they tell you they will deliver in 14 days but it Is at least a month
- they take your money and after 14 days tell you the product is not available
- you will lose customers and get chargebacks from PayPal and Shopify
- They can't find many winning products
- They have higher prices than other platforms

I have been working with them for 2 months and no improvement.

Hart Haven
Países Bajos
Fecha de modificación: 8 de abril de 2023

So far, I don’t have much good to say here. I am very seriously considering dumping CJ's

I joined CJ Dropshipping because I was having a lot of issues with another supplier. Unfortunately, I am having more issues with CJ
s than I did with the other supplier. Problem after problem. Difficult to get a reply because they stick you with one agent and say, "I'll leave a message for ..."

I asked CJ is their inventory levels were real-time. They said yes. Well, for my second order with CJ Dropshipping, two days after paying they tell me the product has been discontinued. Why is it listed as over 11 thousand inventory then? This makes me look bad to my customer. I have just moved to CJ after having this issue several times with a previous supplier.

I spend most of my time waiting in line in chat for support – not enough support staff, so you have to wait a very long time. They take days to answer support tickets.

They have no product descriptions on the product I have been looking at. They say weird thing like Material: cloth. What is cloth? Is it cotton, polyester, or something else. They provide weird measurements and sometimes it is not clear whether the measurements are across the garment or around the whole garment. Presumably half the garment if it is cm. Sometimes they list product size but miss some of those sizes in the size guide table.

Their customer product reviews look fake, I’m not sure – many have the same name or exact comments on the same product. There are often female name on make product, and vice versa. I know people buy others gifts, but there are too many, and the way they are worded implies the product is being use by the person proving the review.

So I have to either use a lot of guess work – which is risky, or I spend all my time waiting in chat or for a support ticket to be answered.

Fake fulfillment times - they mark orders as fulfilled shorty after you pay and stick a tracking label on them - I know because I ordered a product for myself. I received an email with tracking details which showed as no data for days. I have two orders that have been marked as fulfilled but they haven't even reached their warehouse yet! Orders are not fulfilled until they are just about to leave the warehouse for transportation to the airport.


Sporty Types
Nueva Zelanda
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
CJDropshipping respondió 5 de marzo de 2023

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Could you please tell us your CJ ID and the order number? This is our contact way: Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.

15 de septiembre de 2023

Not good at keeps my store authorization failed

Laquisha store❤
4 meses usando la aplicación
27 de marzo de 2023

Do not believe any of the five star reviews, plus they are only reviews about customer service helping them with problems. This is because the agents need to help due to the huge amount of screw ups they have. Communication between agents and people handling orders, dispute and tickets is kindergarten level, they also have absolutely zero accountability and have zero idea of how to quickly and efficiently solve problems. They do not have a proper record of stock and quite literally have zero idea of how much stock a supplier has, this means they do not keep their products in a warehouse they have like they advertise. They do not know the finals weight of the products, the final shipping price so it can be subject to change or stock on every single item. As you may see when you start ordering products from them they will issue tickets to orders and say that products have been discontinued and they offer a different product that they think is the same or they will try to give you a refund. None of their product photos are up to date as I found out when a customer ordered a protein shaker and they opened a ticket and said the product design does not match photos but then as the ticket went on they said the suppliers product has always been like what the photo was not. The processing time on these orders is way beyond comprehension and the biggest mess around they did against me was trying to charge me an extra $150usd on shipping after the order had already been bought by me because they weighed it at their facility and decided it was overweight so they froze the order until the price differential was paid, but with days of talking back and forth with an agent we decided to change the shipping method so that it would get to the destination even later. Do not trust their shipping times either, very untrustworthy and poorly run business. Anybody who is starting a dropshipping business I advise to stay away from this company and do not believe any advertising or reviews they have.

Gap General
8 meses usando la aplicación
CJDropshipping respondió 27 de marzo de 2023

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.

Fecha de modificación: 28 de septiembre de 2023

I initially left a five-star review in May 2023, but I am now modifying it due to recent events and the services provided by CJ Dropshipping.

Initially, everything was going smoothly, and I sold a few products on the platform without any issues. However, I started experiencing delays in deliveries, but that was nothing compared to the recent problems I encountered. I began selling a POD (customized) product, so I entrusted CJ Dropshipping with the customization process. It turns out that after a week, the products had not even been processed or sent to CJ Dropshipping's facilities. After 10 days and numerous false promises from my agent Wendy (assigned by CJ Dropshipping), the products I received were of horrible quality (and quite expensive). As a result, after 10 days of waiting, customers started requesting refunds, and the reputation of my online store was severely tarnished. Fortunately, I found an agent in China who could take over the orders mishandled by CJ Dropshipping at a lower cost.

Please be extremely cautious when considering this platform if you want a reliable service, especially when dealing with specific requests and potential issues.

5 meses usando la aplicación
25 de marzo de 2023

I want to give this platform 0 stars. This was my first time using the platform, and I thought their shipping would be faster than Aliexpress. However, I was mistaken. Let me explain the situation:

One of my customers placed an order for an item from the Cj Dropshipping manufacturer. At the time of the order, the inventory status wasn't updated, and it didn't indicate that the item was 'out of stock.'
A few days later, I believed I had successfully fulfilled the order, but I received a ticket informing me that the item was out of stock – and this was 10 days after the order was placed.

I started to inquire and tried to source the item using Cj Dropshipping. During the waiting process, some customer service representatives were genuinely helpful, but despite their assistance, nothing came of it, and 15 days had passed. At this point, I considered offering my customer a refund.

One customer service representative told me they had found an alternative and would ask the supplier to deliver it. However, they informed me that the supplier couldn't deliver just one piece of the item. By then, 20 days had gone by.

Throughout this process, I asked them to find the item on Aliexpress or even Taobao, and they promised they would. However, nothing happened. Now, I am searching for the same product on Taobao myself. I had to offer my customer a 50% discount on the product and cover the international shipping fee. It seems that Cj Dropshipping views itself as a "platform that combines many brands" and therefore doesn't take responsibility for out-of-stock products and their subsequent actions.

They didn't really care about if their actions will hurt your brand and the trust between you and your customers.

Estados Unidos
9 meses usando la aplicación
CJDropshipping respondió 26 de marzo de 2023

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Could you please tell us your CJ ID and the order number? This is our contact way: Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.