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Bewerkt 5 april 2021

Joanna is driving me crazy. I have been trying for a whole morning to clarify the situation of only three orders, but it is being totally impossible. She tells me that they have been sent when they have not. The status clearly indicates that the orders have not yet been processed. I told him that if he is not sure of the information, to check it with his colleagues, but to confirm the correct status of the orders, what cannot be is that he is teasing me for shutting up my mouth !!!! ! I am very angry with this situation, I have been consulting the status of those three orders for days and days but I still have not received any response. Nobody clarifies absolutely anything to me !!!!!

OEL Beauty
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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 27 januari 2021

Thank you for your words. We are always devoted to offering the best service and help every drop shipper from start to success. Have a nice day!

14 december 2022

I’m trying to add this to my Shopify page and I don’t see the item I bought, I had to order it and do this manually, can someone help me with this please.

Adory's boutique
Verenigde Staten
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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 14 december 2022

Could you please tell us your CJ ID? This is our contact way: Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.

18 juni 2021

We have used CJ Dropshipping since January. We have added products to our store and they just leave them as sold out without any warning... this service in my opinion is only for beginners to test out products, but not for scaling. Disputes take time, and you have to closely follow up on your orders if you want to see some movement. Just ok. Packaging is correct.

Holistik Bloom
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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 20 juni 2021

Thank you for your feedback. There is the risk of short inventory regarding certain products that require replenishment, to avoid such risk for your scaling, it is recommended that you use private inventory to boost order processing.

27 april 2021

fast anwsering, usual problems with out of stock products, wrong products or other but agent are here to fix it

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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 27 april 2021

Thank you for your feedback! Available CJ inventory suggests that the item can be dispatched from our warehouse right away after you make the payment, whereas 0 CJ inventory means that we’ll wait for the item to arrive from the supplier, before it can go through packaging and quality inspection, which might take approximately 3 days, in most cases. In other words, sufficient CJ inventory means better time efficiency. You can purchase private inventory to avoid stock-out cost.

Bewerkt 13 juli 2021

For CJ Please update your Suppliers and make sure women's clothing have a complete information in it. Agents are nice to work with, Sean Lu helped me when Cathy is off. Thank you

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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 30 mei 2021

Thank you for your feedback! Your approval is our motivation.

15 februari 2023

Great costumer service, they answer fast but the shipping time is really lame up tp 2 weeks to ship the order. That´s too long, this must be fixed

Muhammed-Ali's Muscle Mastery
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22 januari 2023

good app that have very meny products chose between butt the shiping cost is just way to high on meny off the products and that makes them unprofiteble because i cant have my custumers paying shiping that is even more expensive then the products they are buying and this is something i think needs to be fixed before i give you a five star review

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13 mei 2023

Easy to operate with and customer service is on point. The exact one who helped me is rebecca, but I never get a slow reply :)

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15 april 2023

I recently started using this product, and while I have noticed many positive reviews, I am finding it difficult to fully explore its potential. The majority of my products do not have any product descriptions, only specifications, and there are no reviews available for them.

Although I understand that I can request reviews, the process seems complicated compared to other apps. This lack of information is making it challenging to determine if the product is meeting my specific needs.

Despite the positive reviews, I feel that I may not be able to fully explore the product's potential without the necessary information for my specific products. This is my honest opinion, and I hope that this feedback can be taken into consideration for future improvements.

Overall, I appreciate the efforts of the team behind this product and hope that it can continue to improve in terms of providing comprehensive product information to its customers.

Gay Fashion Palace
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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 16 april 2023

Thanks for your feedback.

5 maart 2023

when i try to sign in application with shopify , page send me the sign in page automatically. I cant sign in. can someone help me ?

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CJDropshipping heeft geantwoord 6 maart 2023

Please contact us via this link and find your agent who will help with your doubts.