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3 april 2024

I was having an issue with fulfillment of an order because I had other products in the order that aren’t fulfilled through CJ.. Linda was quit to offer support and help me out!!! Their customer support team is simply amazing!! What took me hours trying to figure out on my own, they helped me with in just a few short minutes!!

Simply Southern Spirit
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
2 februari 2024

Working with Carman wei has been awesome! She's super helpful and on top of everything. Her attention to detail is amazing, and she's always quick to respond and sort out anything I need. She informs me of any requests from the shipping team and makes sure my orders are processed on time with no issues. It's like she's got everything figured out. Really makes my life a lot easier!

Shop Beauty Manta
3 månader användning av appen
2 mars 2024

Just started my shop and I am in the testing phase and so far customer service has been good. I have been working with Ashely wu and she has been very helpful in guiding and explaining things.

4 månader användning av appen
28 februari 2024

CJ offers exceptional fulfillment services with reliable and speedy shipping. Their customer service, especially Karen, is outstanding, providing dedicated agents to assist with all inquiries. I'm thoroughly pleased with the level of care and attention we've received. Navigating their system is effortless, making it the top choice among other 3PLs and fulfillment services we've tried.

3 månader användning av appen
1 mars 2024

Very, very great services. I faced a problem with my email and that was my fault. They did their best and helped me and the problem was solved. Despite my weakness in English, they were patient with me and helped me. Thank you, and especially thank you to Mrs. Suki Huang.
with my regards

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 15 januari 2024

I'm just starting out with the cjdropshipping app, and so far, I'm still in the process of listing products, but everything is going smoothly so far. I'm optimistic about the potential of this platform and excited to see how it will help me grow my business.
I also want to give a shoutout to Zoey Zheng for her excellent customer support. She was quick to respond to my questions and provided clear and helpful guidance.
Overall, I'm pleased with my experience so far and looking forward to continuing to use cjdropshipping to streamline my dropshipping operations.

My Store
Hongkong SAR
23 dagar användning av appen
29 mars 2024

Thank you Rami wu From CJdropshipping to be a guide for me really thank you very much CJdropshipping let me know a lot And I'd like to progress in ecommerce with you

Förenade Arabemiraten
8 dagar användning av appen
4 mars 2024

Getting the best customer services from Zoey... Shoutout .

Ramzy's Exclusives
29 dagar användning av appen
19 december 2023

Great verity of products. Good customer service. They assign agent with you make sure that order will be processed without any hassle. Great to have someone to discuss the issue. They have to work on providing timeline of the product to deliver but apart from that very fast as they mentioned..

4 månader användning av appen
8 december 2023

I have not started selling yet but so far the support Lea Zhang is giving me is great. Also, the fact that you can ask the support at any time of the day makes it very easy to work whenever you want to without having to wait for hours until you get a response.
Unfortunately shipping prices are a bit high and the processing time is quite long but I guess that's the price you have to pay to have this big variety of products available.

3 månader användning av appen