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As a beginner, i had some questions regarding delivery time and pricing issue. Lisa Wei was able to answer my questions clearly and quickly which was very helpful. Thank you.

Nail Bliss

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with CC Li, an amazing customer service agent who truly impressed me with their exceptional service. From the moment our conversation began, her professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for outstanding customer service.


Great Customer support by Cucheng. Happy working with CJ.
Hope to establish a long-term partnership.


Cheria is an amazing agent to work with. Quick responses and very professional! I would highly recommend them!

Coratirre Cosmetics
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I am very suspicious of all their five star reviews. I am convinced that most them are FAKE and made my bots. Even their responses to reviews seems to be bot generated. After the experience I have had with this company I have lost all faith and hope in carrying on my business!This company is an absolute nightmare!!! Avoid at all cost if you want to run a legitimate online business

First, they lie about their inventory and will sell you out of stock items. They will then notify you 3 days after placing the item, that they are out of stock and need to place an order with the supplier and you will have to wait an extra 10 days to arrive to their warehouse. Bare in mind this after you paid for the item plus 4-9 days shipping!!!! You will have to now tell your customers that their order will be delayed by 15 days extra shipping. Do you see the disaster waiting to happen??? You cannot build a legitimate business with these people. Run for the hills!

Secondly, if you have a question about returning an item or to get the correct product description on an item, they will pretend they don't understand your question and give you a random answer and close the ticket.
For example, I had ordered an anklet but after I placed the order they advised that they would have to send a substitute as the anklet was out of stock. I agreed as it was a free gift to my customer. After my customer received the anklet she wanted to know if it was safe to wear in water. I opened a ticket to ask the customer service agent as they had sent a substitute and I had no idea where to find the product description. The agent responded "ask the customer, it was already delivered" and then she closed the ticket. I could not believe my eyes what I was reading, I almost had a mental breakdown!!!

So if you still want to proceed in using these people after you've been warned. All I can say is Goodluck to you and your business because you are going to need it!!!

Snug Clogs
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Wendy is the best agent and always gets things done on time. I highly recommend her for her professional work and quick responses. Well done

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Agent Grant was extremely helpful, competent, and efficient. He patiently answered my questions and helped me resolve my concerns. His friendly demeanor and commitment to excellent customer service impressed me. I wholeheartedly recommend Agent Grant. Thank you for your outstanding support!

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i would recommend this app for those who are doing droppshipping through shopify cuz y'all hv a great selection of items at a good price

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A long time ago I think they were good. Now as my new business is taking off. They magically remove variations with no notice, then do not update the inventory, or customer service you get passed around. Nobody reads anything just have you repeat everything. If they don't send an item they ultimately send an item that they deemed close but not exactly. How am I to replicate that sale assuming the client is even ok with not getting what they specifically wanted? It takes days to ship out even as you pay extra for shipping. I mean they lose nothing really. Our brands are on the line and people are expecting a certain level of service which they do not even provide. Complete unreliability and I can not work like this. I just can't describe it in a way that follows the terms and conditions of how I feel about my interactions with this company. I lost sleep, and couldn't go to bed so I can stay up and deal with this, my anxiety was through the roof, and my frustration level was 1000 percent. How can you literally remove a variation from stock and then not tell me? That happened when a customer purchased it, I got them to agree to a different variant, and guess what it was out of stock too. Then they showed me pictures of acceptable substitutes then sent something different.

Spiritual Splendors
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I have been working with CJ and till now they have met up to my expectations. I have 2 stores selling CJs products

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