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when i try to sign in application with shopify , page send me the sign in page automatically. I cant sign in. can someone help me ?

使用应用的时长: 4天
CJDropshipping已回复 2023年3月6日

Please contact us via this link and find your agent who will help with your doubts. https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=19096360222


Great costumer service, they answer fast but the shipping time is really lame up tp 2 weeks to ship the order. That´s too long, this must be fixed

Muhammed-Ali's Muscle Mastery
使用应用的时长: 大约1个月

good app that have very meny products chose between butt the shiping cost is just way to high on meny off the products and that makes them unprofiteble because i cant have my custumers paying shiping that is even more expensive then the products they are buying and this is something i think needs to be fixed before i give you a five star review

使用应用的时长: 大约2个月

A convenient platform for dropshipping beginners, procurement process is slow. Had an experience before X'mas that the order status was stuck at 'processing' for many days, eventually it couldn't be fulfilled due to out of stock. Hence I'd suggest users to check stock availability with CJ prior to placing the order because the system is not sychronized with suppliers.
I'm revising this review rating from one star to three stars (6/10) because the agent was sincere and keen to help.

PS: Avoid using Paypal as payment method if your store is selling generic products. PayPal has been restricting accounts, holding users' funds for 180 days without warnings nor specific reasons, can't refund to a customer who paid via PayPal.

使用应用的时长: 8个月
CJDropshipping已回复 2022年12月18日

We are extremely sorry for the unhappy experience and we take this seriously! Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.


I’m trying to add this to my Shopify page and I don’t see the item I bought, I had to order it and do this manually, can someone help me with this please.

Adory's boutique
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CJDropshipping已回复 2022年12月14日

Could you please tell us your CJ ID? This is our contact way: support@cjdropshipping.com. Our agent team will double-check with the agent and will try our best to help you solve the problem.


I started using this app and thought great they have a USA warehouse. I am a new store and my first order with them and I try seems to be good until. I get a email saying that the product is not at the warehouse. So much for building trust with my customers and now I have t ok explain their inability to keep things updated. I will now have to take all their stuff off my store before it sells. Update: Had a second problem with an order from an US warehouse. Wendy Waun was great and professional at diagnosing and fixing the problem. But 2 problems in the first two orders ....

Gtrekker Everywhere
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CJDropshipping已回复 2022年3月16日

Hi dear, We are so sorry that CJ didn't give you a nice ordering experience. Could you please tell us your CJ ID and the order number to us? This is our contact way: support@cjdropshipping.com. We will help you check the specific reason.


La página de cjdropshoping lleva días marcandome en la lista " lo sentimos no encontramos datos" Ya envié correos y no me han respondido Me gustaría saber si su página está fallando

Zumed Shops
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CJDropshipping已回复 2022年2月22日

Dear customer, if you have any questions about CJ, you could send an email to us. This is our contact way: support@cjdropshipping.com. We will reply to you. In addition, you could enter the chatting room to get help from your agent and she/he will fix your problem.
Feel free to consult an online agent in the chatroom: https://chat.cjdropshipping.com/?autoArtificial=1#/newChat


We have used CJ Dropshipping since January. We have added products to our store and they just leave them as sold out without any warning... this service in my opinion is only for beginners to test out products, but not for scaling. Disputes take time, and you have to closely follow up on your orders if you want to see some movement. Just ok. Packaging is correct.

Holistik Bloom
使用应用的时长: 7个月
CJDropshipping已回复 2021年6月20日

Thank you for your feedback. There is the risk of short inventory regarding certain products that require replenishment, to avoid such risk for your scaling, it is recommended that you use private inventory to boost order processing.


For CJ Please update your Suppliers and make sure women's clothing have a complete information in it. Agents are nice to work with, Sean Lu helped me when Cathy is off. Thank you

使用应用的时长: 7个月
CJDropshipping已回复 2021年5月30日

Thank you for your feedback! Your approval is our motivation.


fast anwsering, usual problems with out of stock products, wrong products or other but agent are here to fix it

使用应用的时长: 7个月
CJDropshipping已回复 2021年4月27日

Thank you for your feedback! Available CJ inventory suggests that the item can be dispatched from our warehouse right away after you make the payment, whereas 0 CJ inventory means that we’ll wait for the item to arrive from the supplier, before it can go through packaging and quality inspection, which might take approximately 3 days, in most cases. In other words, sufficient CJ inventory means better time efficiency. You can purchase private inventory to avoid stock-out cost.