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  • Curb shopping cart abandonment and capture shopper’s intent to purchase.
  • Drive purchases with on-site communication that retargets personalized content to your shoppers at point of sale.
  • Build highly-targeted marketing strategies with actionable insights into your customers that provide key metrics.

Cue is the retail marketing platform that connects retailers to shoppers on their path to purchase. Cue helps build custom experiences to greet them at each stage, and drives greater ROI by delivering relevant content at the point of sale.


Capture and Retarget with Advanced My List and Share Buttons

Cue stays on top of your customers' wants and needs around the clock, even when they're not shopping. Give your customers a truly personalized shopping experience with purchase prompts including price alerts, special offers, and birthday reminders right at the point of sale.

Put the 'Shop' back into the Shopping Cart

Do your customers use shopping carts just to save items? Cue curbs shopping cart abandonment and gives you an accurate analysis of buyer intent. Our extensive data gives you visibility into your brand's performance. Enabling you to learn about your customers and how to market to them on-site.

Uncover Insights That Grow Your Business

Use insights from individual shopper views to make smarter decisions that drive qualified leads, raise average order value, and increase conversion rates. Get to know your most engaged and influential customers so you can harness the ripple effect of their word-of-mouth to build your brand.

Easy & Fast Implementation

Cue easily integrates with Shopify in less than 30 minutes—no engineering required. Available as a customizable widget interface and an integrated on-site experience with existing customer accounts.

Turn Your Most Loyal Customers into Your Secret Sales Force

Identify influential shoppers and enlist them to get free advertising. Brand loyalty begins with a personal connection and successful transactions between you and your customer. Cue gives you the tools to establish and build on these bonds.

Core Features

My List Button & Sharing Widget: Shoppers can save their favorite items to "My List" and send one-to-one communication directly to email and the most popular social networks. Retarget customers on Facebook and Twitter through insights gained by analyzing the shares and conversations that occur on your site. (See Image 1)

Targeted Notifications: Provide customers with personalized offers, birthday reminders, and price change alerts on-site and through email. (See Image 2)

Real-Time Conversations: Bring the conversation back to your site. Your shoppers will be able to engage with their family and friends’ reviews from their List, as if they were in a store. (See Image 3)

Analytics Dashboard: Analyze shopping trends and understand your customer’s path to purchase from the start to the point of sale.Identify the key moments to re-engage your shoppers to increase your store’s performance. (See Image 4)

My List: A single, personalized integrated view of all the items a shopper desires including their social activity, conversations, and friends’ trending items.

In-app Barcode Scanner: Cue’s Barcode Scanner integrates with your existing mobile app, your shoppers have the ability to scan, save, and share items from within your physical stores.


Cue’s scalable platform adapts to meet the needs of any size business. Visit us at business.cueconnect.com to learn more about our flexible pricing plans.

Get Started For Free

With Cue’s Build plan start using our service for free today. We handle all integrations. There is zero work for you! Also schedule a demo and a Cue Conversion Specialist will contact you to see how we can optimize our service for your company.

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For more information on Cue or to schedule a demo, please email: Sales@cueconnect.com or call @1.800.280.9604 x1

Cue reviews (8)


The customer service from Cue has been exceptional! They are highly professional, yet very personable. The installation and integration with our online store was flawless. We are looking forward to our customers using this feature of our website as we launch new products next year. Thank you, Cue, for giving us more tools for social engagement!


If you value the importance of social media and what it could do to improve the credibility of your online business overall, CUE can certainly offer the right tools and platform to help you engage with your customers on a different level.
With a professional and extremely helpful team, Cue customer support is always responsive to my questions on a timely manner.


I can only think of positive things to say about our experience using CUE thus far. Really impressed with the app and how easy it was to integrate into our website. The novelty of this app was what really grabbed our attention from the beginning.. it has been nice to see how CUE has evolved over the past few months and added in new design features. Really impressed with them and they work really well with our new website. Will definitely continue using this app as we grow our business!


I'm rating this app solely based on its friendly & patient customer service + simple interface. As far as the traffic bump goes I can't comment just yet... Only installed the app for not even a month. Will update later for result after 3 months, 6 months, etc. The thorough explanation from Cue's dedicated staff definitely makes this new app worth a shot!


As a small business owner, we're often approached by 3rd party companies looking to improve our users' experiences on our site. We've given a handful of these a shot, but usually end up stop using them or hearing radio silence on the other end once you're set up. Exactly the opposite with Cue...from the very beginning, I could tell that they're on top of things and are really committed to creating an amazing product with a vastly improved user experience. We're thrilled to have Cue on our site now and are looking forward to our customers using it as we grow.


I am a small business owner, designer and founder, of Restored by Design where we create eco fashion apparel and fashion jewelry, and to say the least, I wear many hats. When Cue reached out to me, I was a little leary, but to my absolute delight - they are miracle workers for me - walking me through the set up and doing a lot of the nitty gritty work! I cannot say enough about my enthusiasm for this company. I expect great things for my company, and feel a strong backbone support fro the team at Cue, helping me get there!!!! Support like this is invaluable to a small business - I highly recommend anyone to get on board with this company. Thank you Cue!!!


It's been such a great experience working with Cue team. Their level of customer service & quality of work is impeccable. They have been quite patient with us and have made sure our app functions the way it should while fulfilling certain details that we required. Special thanks to Clay for reaching out to us and getting us setup. Thanks guys :)

Kia J.


Cue has been very helpful from the initial setup to getting the app moving in full momentum on our online shop. our company, Gone Beachin' Apparel Co., is a small business and they have been very accommodating as our company has continued to grow. The app allows our customers to interact and share our products with friends directly through our website. This interaction has been helpful for our ambassador program known as Gone Beachin' Advocates. The Advocates can share links of our products with their promo codes to drive sales for our brand. Looking forward to seeing how our collaboration with Cue will grow in the future.

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