Currency Conversion, Converter

Currency Conversion, Converter

作成: Webrex Studio

Currency Conversion, Currency Converter, Currency Switcher

Scale to international market

International shoppers easily get prices of products in their local currency.

Fast and Smooth

Very smoothly runs on site and convert prices quickly.

Best exchange rate

Get best rate by rounding price in users local Currency Converter.

Currency Conversion, Converterの詳細情報

1. The app is a lifetime Free for you

2. Support Geo Location & automatically switch currency

3. work with Shopify multi-currency

4. 24/7 live chat support

5. We have three levels of currency setting

  • General Setting

    From the name, you will get this is general setting apply to all currency. you can customize rules for all currencies from this setting.

  • Currency Setting

    Let's you want to set up specific rules for specific currency on top of general rules using currency rules you can do that. (Example: if you don’t like our general setting for the Canadian dollar and you want to change money format, symbol or want to set manually rate you can do that)

  • Country Setting

    Now on top of the currency rule lets you want to set up different rules for the country-specific rules you can do that (Example: You want to change rule EUR for Germany only you can do that)

6. No other APP have These features

  • Customize Currency Formatter for All Currency
  • Customize Currency symbol for All Currency
  • Change currency for your Default Country
  • Smart Rule Automatically works perfectly for all Currency
  • Rest Of the World Default Currency or Auto Currency Switch


  • Real-time exchange rates.
  • Set manually exchange rate
  • Faster Mode (This feature loads our app faster in your store.)
  • Auto-select currency as per user's location.
  • Currency rounding that matches with Shopify currency rounding
  • Cart page notification non-Shopify multi-currency (Example. we process all orders in USD && checkout current exchange rates)
  • Fully customized currency selection dropdown as per your branding (features: position, Country flag, color, size, etc.)
  • Show/Hide currency selection dropdown
  • Modify currency symbols
  • Modify currency format
  • Add custom CSS





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This app solves the problem of international pricing. They made sure the app worked without any errors on my website. Way to go...


I am new to shopify and have been looking for an auto currency converter. This app is has that and seems to be easy and stable.



Hi Kodu,

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We will share this with the store team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.

Best Regards

Koor Fashion

I was looking for a currency converter app.This app is great, Rounds off the currency and displays currency as per geo location. Thank you. Very happy with this app.



Hi Koor Fashion,

Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We will share this with the store team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.

Best Regards