VITALS Currency Converter

VITALS Currency Converter

by appsolve

The first converter compatible with Shopify's Multi-Currency

4.9 of 5 stars(63 reviews)

Shopify Payments MultiCurrency

The first currency converter with Shopify Payments Multi-Currency, converting prices in local currency based on geo-location.

Easy Setup for Local Currency

Probably the most complex Currency Convertor for Shopify - with 160+ currencies, fully integrated with VITALS. Uses Shopify's rates.

Currency Switcher by VITALS

One-click install, no coding required. The Currency Switcher works with all Shopify themes (both free and paid) right out of the box.

About VITALS Currency Converter

Automatic Currency Converter is the first converter that is fully integrated with Shopify Multi-Currency feature for merchants that use Shopify Payments.

The Currency Converter is one of the flagship apps built in our best-selling, 40+ Shopify apps-in-one, VITALS. It features a powerful multi-currency converter with no limitations, that works seamlessly with your theme and helps increase global sales by showing local currencies to your customers.

Currency Converter highlights

Using our currency converter, your customers' location is automatically detected and prices are converted in their local currency. US visitors will see dollars, Canadians will see Canadian dollars, Europeans will see Euros.

You can use our app's powerful built-in geo-location service to auto select the currency, or give your customers the option to choose from a beautifully styled drop-down with flags. You do not need to sync the app, download rates, or anything like that. The app continuously syncs in the background so you always have the most current rates!

We convert prices into 160+ currencies, fetching live conversion rates. We’ve invested a lot of time to look into currency conversion. This is why, when converting the prices to a local currency, we take into account the country’s decimal separator. And we don’t add decimals to a price converted to Yens (as the Japanese Yen has no decimals).

The currency converter has lots of features and it is highly configurable to suit the needs of your store.

Fast loading

We use Cloudflare for caching and fast, global delivery. This means that every time a visitor arrives on your store, the app will be downloaded from the closest Cloudflare server around the world. The app is cached in browser as well, so when the visitor loads another page, the app will load instantly.

Installation & support

The installation could not be easier. It is a one-click process with neither coding nor template modification required at all.

Beyond allowing you to place the currency switcher in fixed positions over the page (like having it always in the bottom left), the app has built-in menu support for all the 10 free Shopify themes. We don't provide free support to put your currency switcher in the menu if you are not using a free Shopify theme - this can be handled by your developers by adding a single HTML snippet and customizing the look & feel or it be a paid customization handled by us.

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* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 63 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Pet Crafty

Clean code and easy integration currency converter app. It works right away and also compatible with Shopify Multi-Currency Checkout. The support is amazing as well!

Tajamaly تجمّلي

Absolutely brilliant app with amazing features and great value for the very low subscription amount. Also their support team is very proactive with outstanding service. thanks!

Four Season Products

Just started using the Automatic Currency Converter after doing a lot of research into the difficulties with some of the other currency converter apps. This was very easy to install, came with detailed instructions on setting it up and did not affect page load speeds or change any code. So far, so good!