Currency Converter Box

Currency Converter Box

af Autoketing

Currency Converter, Auto Currency Switcher On Location

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Convert 164 currencies

Convert 164 currencies around the world with a few simple clicks. The exchange rate is updated continuously.

Automatic currency conversion

Automatically find your customer's location and show the corresponding currency.

Get much money and great value

Show both the original price and the converted price as customer's request. Bring convenience and drive sales.

Om Currency Converter Box

The most prominent features of Currency Converter Box

  • Live rates from ipgeolocation
  • Remembers user’s currency selection
  • Auto switch by customer location
  • Rate refresh every 3 hours
  • Convert the price of products in 164+ currencies - Auto currency switcher based on the location
  • Update real-time exchange rate
  • Automatically find out the customer location
  • Fast and accurate price conversion
  • Flags theme, round flags theme, layered theme, flags and symbol theme, no theme
  • 8 default positions (Float or stick on the position)
  • Request position (Set the icon anywhere you want)
  • Price configuration
  • (NEW) Create many rounding rules after the decimal point
  • Checkout currency notification
  • Show the original price on hover
  • Customize the box currency size
  • High quality flag images
  • Show currency converter box next to the product price

1. Choose 1 of 2 types of Currency Converter Box icon

  • Show currency converter box icon: Currency converter box icon will appear in a fixed position on your website.
  • Show currency converter box next to the prices: Currency converter box icon will appear next to the product price. It will help your customers convert currencies more easily.

2. Request position (Set the icon anywhere you want)

  • We understand that your website is a perfect whole. So, we are always ready to serve you and place the currency conversion icon in a fixed position where you desire.

3. Convert 164+ currencies in the fastest way with a price - Rate refresh every 3 hours

Why is Currency Converter Box by Autoketing indispensable in online stores on Shopify? Nonetheless, a barrier rises up preventing overseas buyers from purchasing.

Currency Converter Box provides enough 164 currencies. It can be auto currency switcher among currencies in a blink of an eye.

Our Currency Converter Box by Autoketing updates real-time exchange rate. Currency converter app is able to look for and define the location of customers.

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  • 164+ currencies
  • 5 professional themes
  • 8 default positions
  • Add more features
  • Technical support



  • 14-day free trial
  • Auto switch by customer location
  • High quality flag images
  • Add more features
  • Design support - No cost

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4.6 af 5 stjerner

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Be You Again Co.

The app is very good, but there is one thing, that you can change to make it the best - to put the option to change the colour of the main box

Udviklerens svar

14. august 2021

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Autoketing team

Joyce & Beauty

i just install this app on my store and its very good and easy to install I am very happy to using this app on my store

Udviklerens svar

13. juli 2021

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Autoketing team


UPD: Support fixed mistake, now everything works. Thnx Used it with POP theme. Few days ago something went wrong and after pushing add to cart button only first variant of product always adding to cart. Problem was fixed after turning off currency converter. Will be glad to use it again after problem will be solved

Udviklerens svar

3. marts 2021

Thanks for your feedback. We will check this issue and send you an email to support you.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.